How to Block Hidden Profiles with Alt Commands

I’m trying to use my personal Preferences, under my own profile to block a particular somebody (not gonna call them out), but the site seems to “not find” the name, I’m blocking, even with a copy & paste command because it locks in my “search”, and I can’t make adjustments to it. So, how can I ignore/block names with alt commands and hidden profiles?

EDIT: Solution one -

Solution two -

Solution three -

Are you including the server? Not sure with forums.

When I tried that, it erases the server and just puts the name.

Yeah, this is a forum thing.

Yeah, it seems to get a little buggy if you try to copy-paste the name in for some reason.

You can always just go old-school and look up the ASCII code and enter it manually.

Couple of things:

  1. How to do alt commands through the phone?
  2. What happens, when I do this on the computer, and the name doesn’t pop up? More like the specific Avatar…

I’m using both my Computer and Phone to try and do this.

  1. No clue unfortunately.
  2. It should start to populate the name. If not, then make sure you’ve got the right character. Sometimes the accents above the letters can be tricky to find the right one.
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OK, there’s a couple of alt commands to make the same symbol, and I happened to find the right avatar. Had to do this on the computer, though. Trying to do this on the phone is difficult. Thanks.

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On my phone’s keyboard, I can access accented letters by pressing and holding on the non-accented version of that letter. So, for example, if I press and hold on ‘e’, a little square comes up that lets me select ē, ê, ë, è, or é (or 3).


I can only pick one of you as a solution, so I manually quoted the solution for the computer, and your’s for the phone. Thanks!

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Or you can just copy the photo url and it is right there at the end with their server as well as the name of toon.
Untill they hide that as well.

Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but the other two solutions I got came in handy.

Your photo … Up there to left with pink hair.
https /us dot forums dot blizzard dot com/en/wow/u/Estalayia-borean-tundra

IDK what exactly it is I’m copying but like I said, I already found a solution (two actually) that made sense and work for me.

I know you said you found a working solution, but I believe Farntok is saying if you press and hold a character icon, a window will popup and show the url of that profile.

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Oh OK but copying that name & server name didn’t do anything, for me, as stated in post 2:

Yea when you copy+paste it immediately stops you from editing the piece of text that you pasted.

One option is to go on notepad, paste the name, and then manually enter “-server”, copy the entire thing and paste it back on the add ignore user. Or if possible, copy and paste the entire user+server from the profile URL.

The notepad method seems to work. I had copied and pasted from Disc, as well, but it didn’t want to work, that way, at first but now wants to :laughing:

Either way, without having to open up a Notepad, the other two suggestions work fine without the extra steps.

So, the other two suggestions worked, but your’s worked for another poster I had to block, so I wanted to include your solution, in the OP, as well.

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