How to beat jungle?

So I am quing alot of hpal/boom/ele recently at 2k-2.2mmr. And it feels like jungle is just owning me every time I play against one. I am not the best player, I know this. My general strategy is to max range the target they’re hitting, so if the feral starts running to me I can pre bop/sac/voodoo/vitality before he stuns me into trap. I try to play defensive against them, only dps im adding is judge on cd

I will come in for hoj only if trap is on cd.

the consistent pressure is manageable but if I don’t pre CD a stun/trap, 90% of the time one of my teamates will die from 100%

Is my strategy wrong? i have like a 20% win rate against jungle

traps are pretty scripted in jungle

try not to range your ele so he can ground at the end of intim or on harpoon or try to lasso to give you room to avoid trap

anything that they don’t set up with a stun try to pet taunt

assuming they dont suck and they shut your ele down on their goes to avoid this your druid just has to spam clone


forgot about pet taunt i never do that

Idk pet taunt timing is tough to land cos hunters have a pet attack macro in their reg abilities so they instantly jump back on target.


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can u link pet taunt macro here plz I lost mine and can’t find it online anywhere

#showtooltip Dark command
/cast [@arenapet1] Dark Command
/cast [@arenapet2] Dark Command
/cast [@arenapet3] Dark Command
/cast Dark Command

Are you playing inneff? Will make a big difference

Intim+trap goes are the scariest ones for you, especially if they’re being lined up with DA.

Ineff really helps make it so you always have a CD to rotate for their goes but tbh I haven’t really played any live since the cups ended so I don’t know if sockets end up helping the priest be more aggro but yeah Hpals were almost impossible for us to deal with before.

Your goal should be to outlast them, you just gotta rotate in a way that lets you do that best. I don’t know if this is actually to helpful because I feel like I’m just giving mostly general advice. If you had a way of recording I’d happily go over it for you so I can see whats actually consistently going wrong in the games but otherwise I can just try and keep thinking of mistakes you guys could be making and helpful things to change up

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ineff would definitely help a lot I don’t have any cuz im spending too much time on different chars but i should be able to get some next time it’s up.

I think another thing that would help is if my ele who is usually the target had a vers set to use against jungle and rmp. That is alot to ask of him to farm an entire nother corruption set tho since he already farmed out full gushing. sometimes we will die while I still have CD’s because Intim stun is impossible i think for me to recognize and preemptively pop a cd, I will talk to him about saving lasso or grounding for me when i make a mistake as well tho


Ahh yeah the corruptions will make a big difference

But yeah if you guys can counter their goes it’ll go a long way

Bopping yourself on intim stuns if you need an extra way to avoid traps can help. I’d track the CD and check the icon on wowhead to help

is intim instant effect or am i just slow? it seems like i am stunned before his pet reaches me

It’s instant yeah, you’re not doing anything proactive to it really you’re just watching the CD and knowing that’s when their pressure is coming. It’s why ineff is super useful becsuse of all the CDR letting you shove outs (also reduces cd on gladiator’s medallion).

didnt know inef reduce trinket cd thats insane

even without intim/trackers net can’t the feral save a ps root for hunter to land trap ?

they can but usually im quick enough to freedom it or harpoon off. Of course gcd can be a fickle mistress sometimes too

Ya but that isn’t really very reliable and that doesn’t last long enough

Boomy can sleep/root/clone pet as well to disrupt goes and just relieve pressure.


you’re 3011 in 3’s…


/cry i used to think i was good at games haha.

cant even break 2200 on my warlock

And to think you spent all that energy telling him he didn’t know what he was talking about when he was trying to help you



i never told him he didnt know what he was talking about. i was debating. win or lose thats what i was doing.