How to add Subs to WoW

Right now the feel of the game is very dull for me. As a consistent player since late vanilla, I feel like this game has always been a mix of positive and negative with the positives ultimately weighing out the negatives of playing World of Warcraft. However, recently my opinion has changed. In “Make Love Not Warcraft”, Blizzard advertised this game as “a game about questing with friends”, after playing it for many years, I can confirm it is not. Every day spent in WoW feels like a step in the wrong direction. Blizzard is inconsistent in the direction it wants to take the game, and refuses to learn from it’s success. It’s goal SHOULD be “let’s top our peak subscriber number at the end of WotLk/beginning of Cataclysm”. Instead, they refuse to acknowledge what made that time period in the game so great, instead opting to go in the opposite direction.

HUMANS DON’T LIKE TO GRIND. Remember this. Paste it on your bedroom wall . Spell it out in little alphabet magnets on your fridge. WHATEVER IT TAKES BLIZZARD.

Look at your subscriber numbers: they peak at the beginning of an xpac, when the game is most like the beginning of the game(QUEST ORIENTED). They dip towards the end of the xpac, when the game has become a grind to get a few more % damage, with no new storyline or immersion.

STOP THINKING IN TERMS OF NUMBERS and start thinking from the perspective of the artists. Blizzard has countless dungeons at their disposal for players to explore, and yet consistently prevents players from enjoying them because they are forced into a certain experience to advance their character.

STOP removing/replacing spells and STOP forcing me to pick between what gives me 1% more damage against a raid boss and what I enjoy playing. I am always going to pick the 1% damage against a raid boss, and my experience will suffer.

More examples of blizzard erasing perfectly good art: It’s a COMBAT rogue and it uses EVISCERATE. Dispatch sounds like an execute ability, if you’re not gonna come up with a unique role for a new spell, at least do something like that instead of replacing a trademark ability that we’ve known and loved since vanilla. It is incredibly disrespectful to your core playerbase, and it is a lazy way to develop games for both the new and old playerbase alike, who sit down at their computer for a unique and enticing experience, and have to deal with a watered down experience.

Edit: All toys should have no cooldown, noggenfogger should be split into 3 toys, and the concept of a “gold sink” needs to be erased from the minds of blizzard entirely. Why would you put so much effort into creating, say, a certain brutosaur mount that only .0005% of the population will ever use? Why make transmogging a thing that costs the playerbase gold I’m never gonna grind out anyway, and make it so I have to transmog a specific piece of gear instead of an item slot? I paid good money for my eternal vestments and will never use it because I am way too lazy to run to a transmogger every time i get a new piece of gear. Also, if I loot something I should be able to transmog it onto other characters.

Also, I feel like giving players something like a 1 minute cd port to anywhere they click on the map would liven things up. Then I can explore different areas and feel incentivized to go quest in other areas, instead of ignoring 99% of the game for the areas close to, say, Orgrimmar. PLEASE get rid of warmode - just roll all these xp buffs we get for everybody and get rid of this whole mandatory PVP experience.

You are correct that most players don’t need daily chores to be engaged. But when Blizz balances player power or gates that player power behind the chores it makes the game a grind that is very on rails and narrow.

Grinding for a personal goal is far more interesting concept for a MMORPG than grinding to hit a checklist of chores for Blizz. :+1:

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