How much longer until we get some pvp balancing

How many months before we can get some PVP balancing. I am talking actual Buffs and Nerfs.

Like Arcane mages, Resto shamans. Where are the buffs to underperforming specs and comps. Are we even going to get any good balancing this patch. Holy priests are all over the ladder, The latest patch notes dont address the healer inbalance in pvp. When we are going to see some changes. How many months do we have to wait? Are you waiting for tier sets to be out and how they effect performance?

Uhhh… tomorrow.

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Holy Ward change is the only big change there. Aegis shouldn’t have been nerfed until Echoing Resolve gets an ICD, their just skewing the meta even more in favor of double caster comps.

Sorry i should of said “Good PvP balancing”. Nerfing tier set on holy priest that most priests dont even have yet will not balance healers out. If they consider that the PVP patch this season needs then they seriously dont know what they are doing.

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You don’t think these changes are good? What changes would you have preferred?

Healer balance doesn’t really matter in the 1500s bracket you can pretty much play whatever you feel most comfortable on there.

There will definitely be more changes. They already have a 9.2.5 in the works.