How many people do you need for AQ40 in this current phase?

Trying to figure out how many people we’ll need to shatter Viscidus with frost attacks

Viscidus is a very odd encounter in that gear/levels don’t make a huge amount of difference. Extra health/bigger heals from being level 70 will be helpful for surviving longer and extra damage will make it much easier to kill the blobs once he splits.

But shattering him isn’t any easier. The frost attack part is less of a problem because you should be able to last long enough to eventually freeze him with a much smaller number of people.

But you still need enough melee attacks to shatter him before he unfreezes - and if you can’t shatter him then you’ll never win the fight. From when I was doing AQ40, with about 40 people we would shatter him in about half the required time before unfreezing - so my guess would be that you’d need around 20 people to be able to shatter Viscidus in time.

Yeah, thats what I was thinking. just wish there was a number to go off so I could plan around it

my guild does aq40s up to visc each week for trinkets and we usually have like 3 mages and shamans use frostbrand weapon and frost shock spam