How many new models does Thrall need?

HAhaah that was too good.

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The new model here is way better than the previous one. I’ll take Frostwolf Thrall over shaman Thrall any day. He looks like an actual orc now! Ready for action.


We have the Nightborn now, we’re learning FASHION


Fair enough. Haha.

It’s more Metzen pandering than Horde pandering.

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HD spikes!!

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They can take back the latest proposed model, as far as I’m concerned. The hooded model is better.

Twenty Eight.

Do I win the game show prize?


Yes Bornakk! Here’s your reward!

Presents you with Gul’dan’s back spike that was broken off during his Mak’gora
with Durotan

Aren’t you happy?

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So cold. So so cold.

And yet the best post I have seen on these forums in a couple of days.

Well played.

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… scary thing is, someone (many people), somewhere (right here, probably) is going to take this seriously and hold you to that number.


As an Alliance main and fan of Varian, I feel bad that I literally laughed out loud at this.


Are we sure thrall is an orc? He’s changed outfits so many times he must be a belf…

To be fair, Anduin has had many models made for him.

First it was the basic kid model, then he got his tween model, then he got his Legion model, and now his Lion Armor model.

Technically he got two models for Legion and BfA. Legion also gave him a hooded “in-disguise” model, and BfA also gave his Lion Armor model a version with the helmet.

I might even be missing one or two.


Obviously they’ll replace their spikes and tents with tents and spikes. Totally different.


That is…oddly specific…

Alternate reality clashing confirmed in 9.0: Battle of the 28 Thralls!

And I raise it to fifty. :wink:

On another note The Doomplate is now free for Orc players to claim, hopefully with the coat Thrall wore on AU Draenor and Grom’s pauldron

I’m Kinda OK with a new look for GreenJeezus™! Even though I’m more of an alliance guy, Thrall is one of the iconic lore characters that needs to be present again.