How many 120 alts do you have?

5 120’s and 4 more 110-111, thinking about getting my grind on with that Anniversary xp bonus thing.

I have 3. I try and get them to raid-ready iLvl before starting another one, so all three of mine are around 370-380 iLvl.

Lock is my main and I have 386 in bags, then Rogue at 380, and Boomkin/Mage both around 375.

Doesn’t take much at all to level them and get them geared anymore. The AP grind is next to nothing compared to last expansion. It’s great.

Two. I hate this expansion and I’m having a hard time playing my main let alone leveling alts. Only still playing because my friends are.


I have 6 120s, they are all alts as they have a gear range no higher than 343.

Why before? Leveling will be SO much better after.

6 currently… working on the 7th. I think I might slow down though as I’m not really playing them other than 2 of them.


Horde Paladin - 120
Horde Priest - 120
Alliance Hunter - 120
Horde Driud - 116

Rest are all 110

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They aren’t changing 110-120 that I know of.

What? Not everybody has every class at 110 from the Legion days?

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I have two 120 mages that I’m focusing on right now, one on each faction. I have a 120 Druid hanging around and a 111 Lock that I may tinker with. Biggest thing I’m waiting on in 8.1is reps for allied races.

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I have an alt that’s 120 on Horde that’s sitting idle, and sadly this is my main at 116.

I have a few others that are 111-112, and at least 12 that are 110. I just can’t seem to get the motivation to level any of them. :cry:

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I think 5 at the moment but will eventually be 12-13 I like to have 1 of every class maxed

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Four or five… but it’s getting harder to try and level another one. So I play with my little pets. :smile:


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Should have a few more in the next week.

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Three, Main and two profession.

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What happened to your Portrait Ythisens? And you can get likes now I see.


One main at 120 and one alt at 120. I have four other alts at 110 but since I’m working on faction rep for both Horde and Alliance on my main and the o other 120 alt, those four have been put on the backburner to who knows when.

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None, which is saying something. At this point last xpac, I had my mage, priest, and pally all up to 110. Now? My mage is 120, my priest is 117…and that’s it. Haven’t touched the pally or any of my other alts.

And it’s for two reasons:
1.) No flying. Seeing the land, doing the quests, experiencing the lore once is amazing. It’s why I play RPGs. Doing the same exact quests repeatedly? Not so much. The lack of flying makes trying to level alts tedious enough that it’s “broken” me this xpac, and I just can’t get into it.

2.) The lack of profession and class quests. Even without flying, those made leveling alts in Legion at least somewhat more engaging, as with each new toon I played, there would be at least a fair number of unique, new quests I hadn’t done yet. There’s none of that in BfA. It’s do the same exact quests and only the same exact quests over and over and over for any alts you want to level.

Open flying with 8.1, add some unique quests, I’ll play those alts. The way it is now? I don’t foresee me logging in much.


4 - 120s, and 8 at 110-112. Mostly Horde with a few Alliance

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My type of guy/ girl/ gender fluid person

Wish I could have a main. I think it is very much a reflection of inconsistency in your personality, as well as genius. I’m sure of it :wink:

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I got (5) 120s so far, I’ve pretty much paused on leveling more probably until incursions come out.