How mad are you?

Only a fool would have cloned to a Vanilla server. True players already knew everyone was moving on to TBC. No one to blame but yourself if you paid to stay.


Yeah, but only at myself. I shoulda known better.

Was going to wait to clone, glad I did, now I know not to.

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I’m not mad or regretful because I always knew it was a gamble. I’ve thrown far more money away on useless things in the past. It does suck that it didn’t work out but as i said it was always a gamble in my mind. I am glad I only paid for a few transfers and not the 4 I had planned.

so you’re a cow in game and a cow irl? cool

Umm ok, funny getting milked joke I guess.

I mean who hasn’t spent money on crap before? I could have spent the same amount on a meal that turned out to not be great. I’m not saying people don’t have a right to be upset.

Not at all. I knew better than to waste money on it.

I just didn’t see how classic would hold up being stuck at a stale post naxx era with bc coming out. Ill admit it is even more dead than I anticipated however.

i kill kel’thuzad and c’thun every week.

classic wow now is unique… all raiders who want to raid are in one guild. if you want flasks, you have to drop profs and pick up herbalism. if you want something you might have to farm the mats.

it’s a post-apocalyptic world for sure but it’s a lot of fun actually.


what server i wanna come!

i am on pagle. it is connected to several others. there is one guild (mine) that resulted from two guilds merging the week after the Rapture and there is another guild currently setting itself up to start raiding soon.

we clear all content - some weeks dont do all MC, just the binding bosses. The other guild usually drops in for open spots on our t1/t2 clears. we field a full raid for AQ/naxx. we only have 3 or so KT kills, consecutive weeks. just ended progression on him last month.

edit: i dont own the guild, just a part of it.

They forced everyone to TBC… It’s a money move… not an integrity move. They should have clarified servers that will be ‘FOREVER’ servers. Why grind rank 14 ‘One last time’ if all that gear is obsolete for the next hamster wheel expansion. Integrity says you specify BEFORE launch what servers will become Classic+ or TBC or FOREVER servers so you can build your community of friends that will only suffer attrition because they got bored and quit… not because they got ENRAGED and quit.

These are my thoughts and suggestions:

Yeah the least they could do is give empty servers free transfers so we can continue where we left off, i’m not starting over a third time. Fresh servers are for fresh players.

Didn’t bother cloning. Knew it would be like this.

Meh, I just wanted to maintain a trophy copy of my classic character. I’ve sharded basically all my 60 gear in tbc aside from the few useful items so it’s nice to have a copy of my character somewhere that I can go back to once in a while

Agreed, it was a cheap shot. If you had a full roster and split them up between Classic and TBCC you gained no character slots on either game.

maybe they will give people refunds… Kappa

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Blizz has lost a lot of good faith with this move. I would have been happy with any kind of communication, but months of silence speaks volumes…

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Gotta love hear all those small amount of very loud people that begged for Classic Era #nochanges and they get what they want thinking they are in the majority and find nobody cared about it. Then complain when the are alone in a very small community of complainers. I’m not even going to read the replies. LOL

I honestly don’t feel bad for people who bought a clone or intended to play on classic servers. Everyone I asked said that most of those servers will be dead so you’d either need to server transfer or wait for them to merge all the servers.

Only reason anyone would do it from those I talked to would to preserve their classic characters.