How long is the trade timer on raid loot?

And what are the restrictions?

I’m a pvp focused player and Im designing a raid loot system focused on pvp as well, but I need to know how long we have to trade the drops to figure out if what I have in mind will work or not. Thanks!

Correct me if I’m wrong - but I have never heard of a trade timer/window from playing vanilla. I don’t think there is something like that.

Are you going to have people fight to the death for loot?

There isn’t one in Vanilla.

BOE - is BOE

BOP - is BOP

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This is an old post but it looks like the window is two hours (only for raids):


Yes. Im planning to hold all the loot, then we all go to STV arena, and for each piece, royal rumble for the people who want it, last one standing gets that piece.

Hmm, thats cutting it close. I think ill have to plan the raids in sections then.

I can confirm 2 hours

Cool idea, but it won’t work with BoP stuff.

Master looter moves it from the dead boss to the recipient. If you had a lock and helpers in an arena to summon them, then summon the winner back, it might work.

Yes there is its 2 hours.

Yeah i was hoping it was more like 8 hours instead of two. Will have to get more creative with getting people to and from with only 2 hours.

It’s 2 hours. We were holding loot until the end of the run yesterday to prevent pugs from looting and leaving.

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