How long from Rank 0 to Rank 14

Seems like the new changes will make jumping a rank impossible. Will this mean ranking from Rank 0 to 14 might take 20 something weeks now?

No the mark change reversion won’t affect your overall RP gain.

It’s still 8 weeks from 0-14

Weeks for mid ranks depend entirely on progress of current rank

Not talking about the mark changes pal.

It used to be the 4 ranks above you, making the grind from R0-14 take 8 weeks. Now it seems this is a substantial nerf that will increase that 8 weeks pretty drastically.

I could be reading this wrong but they haven’t made anything very clear from the start, tbf.

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“Pal”? Are you upset about something I said?

This change was made to prevent people getting a DK to derank and gain more points to cap

For example, if you started the week off at r13, 0%, people would get a DHK to drop town to rank 12, making their 500k cap progress then further than if they were r13 that week

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Yes but it says you only get points for the next rank above yours. Is this correct or again, am I interpreting this wrong?

I think this is something we won’t know entirely until we see it live

I have a feeling they think people are progressing too fast and are trying to find a medium they’re comfortable with. (See som1)

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What it means is if you’re rank 7 99% and you hit a breakpoint. Instead of that first breakpoint bringing you to rank 8 30%, it would bring you to rank 8 0%. You would then need the NEXT breakpoint to take you from rank 8 0% to rank 8 50%. You can hit 4 breakpoints in a week, so sometimes 1 of your breakpoint will be capped because its a rank up break point. Its a bad change. To sum it up one of your breakpoints for the week you might not get full credit for.


How long do you think it sets people back?

You used to be able to do field marshal to GM in 1 week. Now it will take 3 weeks. I think it’ll add 1-2 weeks to ranking pre rank 13

You are making this way more complicated than it is. You just farm max honor and you get the ranks.

It’s that simple.

It’s not complicated.

You are just not good at math.

This is literally linear ranking man. It’s the most simple form of math that exists. It’s not hard to figure out.

There are no hidden gotchas. You just put in the time, get the honor, get the rank.

Who hurt you?


If anything saves ppl from needing to cap 500k a couple times.

Just cap 500k past rank 10 and you’re fine.

I mean the way it sounds it will add a few weeks of grinding, no? Before the fix you could get the full ranking done in 8 weeks but now it may be something closer to 12?

Here are the results:

This is what I’m getting if you honor cap each week

Start of week...
Week 2 = Rank 3 at 80%
Week 3 = Rank 6 at 90%
Week 4 = Rank 9 at 40%
Week 5 = Rank 11 at 20%
Week 6 = Rank 12 at 34%
Week 7 = Rank 13 at 8%
Week 8 = Rank 13 at 42%
Week 9 = Rank 13 at 76%
Week 10 = Rank 14 at 10% over

So 9 weeks of ranking. The start of week 10 is when you get Rank 14. It’s because of the weirdness at R13. I’m not sure they intended that.

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Hello, please never speak to me again.

I did the math for you bro.

No it doesn’t.

Just get 500k

Seems like there’s conflicting reports. Do you have any work to show?

Well the cap is 500k. if you arent sure what you need go to 500k.

That’s not the question, can you read?

How many weeks will it take?