How long do we have to make use of transfers?

Hi folks,

I have been having large scale discussions with my guild about transfering to Heartseeker, and we are half way there. I was hoping to dredge up how long we have to commit to the transfer? These sort of changes take some planning and convincing, and making sure everyone is available.

Doesn’t make much sense to have 75% of the guild leave, for some folks who weren’t around to be all of a sudden more of less guildess. We raid on Saturdays, and we have people who raid log, who won’t be on until Saturday.

Can you please provide more transparency around how long we have to make this decision? - Stalagg Horde

This is what I’m seeing from Blizzard:

that’s a shame and instills no confidence. I guess they aren’t particularly serious about fixing the realm pops to be so cagey.

What kind of ideas do you have to “fix” this issue?
Force people to a server they don’t want? Force people to play alliance?
Forced server merges?
Forced dynamic server transfers? Oh look we need to move 3% of horde off 1 server. We have another server that needs 1% and another needs 1%. We’ll just randomly pepper the remaining 1% onto all servers. No one will notice. But hey we will have “balance”.
No. We won’t. It’s a player choice and should remain so. Deal or no deal. It’s that simple.
Roll some back up alts elsewhere or sit in queue and wait your turn.

That’s a very bad conclusion. Want to try again? Just because they don’t give you exactly what you want does not mean they aren’t “serious”. If I was a dev, I would say “I guess that guild isn’t serious about switching realms”.

They are designing for more than a million players. If what they suggest doesn’t work for your guild, it doesn’t work for your guild. Nothing is perfect. They are offering a feature they think will work for many people. Nothing works for everyone.

Suggestion: why don’t you plan for your guild to start their move after the raid on Saturday? That way everyone puts in their request within 3-4 hours of each other. If by luck Blizzard has a cutoff EXACTLY during the hours your guild is transferring, I am 100% sure Blizzard will fix it. After all, they are expecting whole guilds to move.

If you spread the transfer requests out over a week or two, you are taking a bigger risk. I would avoid doing that, in a guild.

How about a friendly ticket alerting them of your plans and asking if Xday is soon enough to transfer?

Wont hurt to try!

we ended up just aggressively moving. It’s been amazing! totally alliance dominated, but great fun.