How is this server?

I’m currently playing on Emerald Dream, I don’t do much RP (I think I’d be terrible at it) but I like the communities they have which is why I play on RP servers. How is this server fairing from both horde and alliance views? I just want a social/casual guild to do raiding/pvp with and maybe even eventually dabble into RP.


Hey there!

I’ve been on WrA since the end of WoTLK and personally, I’ll never play on another server. This one’s community is honestly what has kept me from quitting the game altogether multiple times.

I’m not currently familiar with the Alliance side of things, but from what I’ve seen, Horde is super active. Check out the Horde guild directory if you’d like to see a variety of guilds who do more than just RP!

If you decide to come here and don’t want to pay to xfer toons, send me a message in-game and I’ll do my best to hook you up with some bags/gold/etc.

If you come here and decide you’d like to check out the RP scene, I’d be happy to send you some starter links/answer questions/give tips/whatever I can do to help. :smiley:


I’m truly considering it, I’ve been looking into the guild directory and the server seems awesome. Is your guild active or is it just hard rp focused?

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My guild is pretty new, so we have a core of about 10 people right now who are all fairly active. We’re not hardcore-RP focused, we currently have one RP event a week and mostly just lend a hand to other server RP events whenever we can.

We’re mostly working on achievements right now, old dungeon guild runs, etc. A few of our members are also new to the server/RP and still leveling their characters too. =)

Here’s a random review from our discord today: ~
(remove the ~ before the link)


Well then, the review potentially has me interested if you are recruiting. I just want a place to hang out and let’s be real who doesn’t like to do old content for transmogs and achievements. :slight_smile:


We are recruiting! ^^

If you have Discord, shoot me a friend request and we can chat! Shay#4167

Otherwise, my btag is Shay#1713

It’s good! But we’re also in the death throes of an unpopular expansion, so things might be slow.


What she said. It’s quiet and gonna get quieter. ESPEICALLY on A-side. I dunno about H. But come hang with us, we have beer and cookies.


The great worm from beyond says it’s good


This server is bae.

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ill do you one better

why is this server


Who is this server?

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Uh, excuse me, but this is an RP server, so it would technically be “wherefore art thou, server”


I made the move to WrA from ED several months ago. Like night in day. WrA is a fantastic community, even in the tail end of this crap expansion.

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If all you’re wanting is RP, this server is fine for that. I would not advise this server for raiding or PvP even more in this end of the expansion doldrums. At best of times there’s a limited number of active raid guilds and PvP guilds.

I am not saying it is impossible to find those things here but it is likely more difficult than other servers.

It is full of deeply flawed people.


Like me! :smiley:


Wra is openly hostile to pvpers.


I can’t imagine hostile to pvpers that do instanced lol.

Lemme tell ya something…

They are.

Just don’t tell them if you do pvp and you should be fine

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