How is the server?

Hi all!

I’ve spent pretty much 100% of my time with WoW playing on high/full pop servers and it’s left me wondering how it feels to play on a low-pop realm, so I’m thinking about starting a new character on Arcanite Reaper.

How is Arcanite Reaper as a server? Does it have a good community? How hard is it to find groups or raids? What is the Alliance/Horde pop ratio like? How do you feel about the server in general?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The server is definitely not dead as some people will squak about. While as of current, the only alliance guild able to raid is my own, I’m not sure about the horde side. However, I’ve noticed a steady incline in returning players/guilds as well as a few new players making their first toons on the server. As far as I’m concerned, it should be fine once TBC is in full swing as you don’t need as many players in your guild for raiding. Not sure on current split though as a ton of horde have come around since the pretty boy elves have joined the fray.

There are a few active guilds on Horde, I see way more alliance than I do horde while out questing.