How is the Horde Side?

I am wanting to move to a RPPVP server and was wondering how the active the Horde side is? Are there active events or guilds that do events on a active basis? I am mainly pvp focused but also would like to try raiding. I have pre BIS and are wondering if there are any guilds that do pvp events with some raiding if possible.

Thanks for the info.

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Dominatrics, hello and (hopefully) welcome!

There are many horde-side guilds here who are active not only in RP events but in the World PvP scene as well. Elsewhere on this forum (link below - “Up-to-date RP Guild Listings”) is a catalogue of RP and RP-PvP guilds on both factions for you to contact. I hope this helps, and if so, that you choose to call Deviate Delight your new home!

Things have gotten a little quiet here the last month or so, but there are still a group of folks committed to having some fun.

There is PVP here, but it is not as heavy as on other servers.

My experience has been that there are much more RP-oriented events than WPVP.

Here is a thread of the most recent Hordeside social events: