How is outlaw rogue in PVP?


I have been struggling with my outlaw rogue in PVP. I feel I die super fast.

I know I am poorly geared but I Have a hunter and warlock with the same gear level and I feel I can dish more damage and also I feel that I am more successful with them in normal bg.

My question is… how is outlaw at PVP? Does it get better after getting a proper gear?

I was an “Outlaw for Life” advocate. From my experience, Outlaw just doesn’t do well damage wise; you should have better survivability, though.

I strongly recommend you check out Assassination, due to its damage capabilities but its survivability is worse than Outlaw; just have to manage that better.

As a healer, outlaw rogues can pretty much be ignored.

Assassination is just too damn good now, arguably the #1 pvp spec in the game.


I love Outlaw in everything except PVP. At 432 Item level I do decent single target damage but I can’t finish anyone off in pvp it feels like.

I can equip my crap daggers be 418 item level and feel like I dominate.

outlaw needs access to a mortal strike and an execute


An execute would break it for PVE.

Reduced healing would only effect PVP so I like that change.


The way I see it, Outlaw rogues just feel like bad fury warriors that also have the option to stealth.

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how would an execute break it for pve?

Rogue is already S tier DPS in any content. A excecute would blow them way over the top of all specs by a significant margin.

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If they really wanted to play into it they could make execute an ability, talent, trait, etc on Between the Eyes. It’s on a 30 seconds CD that drops to 12-18 or so depending on the fight. Currently in PvE crits do x4 damage, not in PvP. Make it do x4 damage on all targets below 20-30% in PvE and PvP. This would allow it to fill the gap of Outlaw being unable to finish opponents at low health. As far as PvE, if it’s baseline I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be balanceable.

Outlaw rogue is S tier right now ONLY because of how well deadshot/Ace/Wits work in our current environment. I know there are other classes that rely on their traits but Outlaw especially so. It’s going to be a completely different game if those are dropped and I doubt it would come close to S tier without some new tools.

Its horrible in PvP and should never be played under any circumstances.

Absolutely no sarcasm.


Lol I 1v1’d you as a mercenary dwarf rogue in AB last week and it was possibly the most satisfying thing that has happened for me in BFA.


Thats weird because i wasnt on this character at all last week

Making up lies because I speak the truth?

What if only Outlaw or Sub had it?

only had what?

An execute.

I can’t speak on sub as I have pretty much only played combat during my 11 years, outlaw needs a mortal strike and an execute. I wish we could get armor penetration back in some form