How is netherwind horde?

few friends thinking of xferring together from a west coast server.

If you don’t mind constant ganks by over zealous alliance try hards this is the server for you. Blizz allowed a bunch of toxic ally to free xfer here and they have basically ruined open world farming and pvp. Current status is 60% ally and 40% horde. We had balance until about a month ago.

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60 40 w this pop doesn’t sound terrible. are they open world zergin?

This. The mountain (and everything else for that matter) is farmed literally every day (even weekends and Mondays) by at least 100 ally around raid time. Would be fun if we could fight back every now and then, but they just body camp/grief for 4 hours straight. It’s a super fun time.

yikes /10char

Is it just me or do you get the feeling that Alli are filled with a bunch of toxic douche bags who have no honor at all that ruin servers? Happened to Incendius


The server is pretty high pop really funny we need more horde here ! Don’t listen to other people they just cry :roll_eyes:

Lol allies are currently crashing the server due to too many ppl being in one spot (at least 5 full raids worth, like an Asmongold stream) bc they have so many bodies piled onto the orb so that the horde cant even click it.

Please come to netherwind horde!

We are 60/40. Its a good server. AQ gates are 100% gonna be opened as we have Rise on ally side and horde has some very good guilds too.

It literally would be the perfect server if we could get like 10% more horde. Ally is in the majority (which means you will ALWAYS find wpvp if thats your thing!).

Netherwind really is like one of those on the brink servers that can become from good to really great. If we just get like 500 more hordes.

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rich coming from ppl who rolled horde. not a griefer but it’s part of the game. xfer to pve server softeez