How is my previous name considered offensive?

Because a bunch of people from retail who started after Cata have weak skin and have even bragged about going on report sprees with peoples names because they are offended, even though in the early years of wow people had a sense of humor and a simple pun like ‘‘Bowjob’’ didn’t offend anyone at all but it’s 2019 and that’s sexist. Or something. I think Dave shappell just made a show about all of this on netflix.




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Honestly I don’t think you would even be asked to change your name for that.

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100% someone who is jelly they didn’t get this name for themselves.

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It was a stupid name anyway - unfortunately, you picked another stupid name to replace it.


I’ll tell you when you’re older son

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I can believe this tbh

I mean people are running around with names like Bootylicker and Racist.

Reporting is valid.


This spelling gave me cancer…


Monocle drops from the right eye Good lord!

Hunters hunt. So they do a hunt job.

Not a bow job.

You knew exactly what that name sounds like, I’d bet that was part of why you chose it.

But don’t pretend to be shocked it didn’t last or confused as to why it was changed. You’re not stupid.

And apparently, to your realm mates, not funny either.


Whew, you weren’t joking

I guess in the spirit of classic, we should all stick to G-rated names and randomly generated ones. Didn’t know we went back to being in the third grade again with all the hall monitors walking around Org.

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As a frequent vacationer, I can tell you this ones going to get you some good R&R from here lol.



I started playing vanilla, not Cata and I don’t go around reporting every name that is questionable; just the truly outrageous/offensive ones.

Personally, I wouldn’t have reported your name, I think it’s rather clever.

But, I didn’t respond saying others were ridiculous for reporting it so now I’m your example of all that drivel. Whatever.

That said, you knew what that name sounded like and are now trying to play dumb about how it could be changed.

Are you really, honestly surprised it was reported?


I think this thread and the issue at hand can be simply summed up by saying some people are fun at parties and some are not. That’s about all I have to say about that.

I’d be surprised if I had to explain, Hunterwepons. I believe you are perfectly capable of figuring it out as I find it difficult to believe that you do not understand the reference you are making.

“Clever” wordplay is generally appreciated, but try to avoid wordplay that references more adult subjects and you’ll likely not have your character renamed.

I don’t think it is necessary to continue to keep this thread open.