How is everyone liking the realm connections?

I personally think it has been overall good . There has been a bit of shuffling of players . Trade Channel seems to have the usual antics of those just having fun and guild recruiting, or selling something other than items . I have a lot of players whispering me in game and asking about our guild, raid team etc. I also have noticed some of the old time raiding guilds start to become active again too (this a good thing for Shadowlands) . AH seems to be more competitive now with costs of mats and gear coming down . I am sure some people hate it for farming reasons and that was to be expected.

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Thought I would reply to the post you started since I see we will be joining you tomorrow. Hope that between the 6 servers we can get the forums a little more active, like they were back in the old days. Not sure what your server populations percentages are like, I think we are about 50/50.

See you tomorrow,

I’m hoping they merge the forums! However, with 6 realms now connected, forum naming is going to start getting rediculous.

As for how it’s turning out… seems ok. My friends and I were fully expecting to have the small realm experience again (after being on Illidan for the last two expansions), but after all these merges maybe the experience will be closer to that of a high pop… guess we’ll see.

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No sooner did I post this, but then noticed we are getting even more realms connected!?? :open_mouth:

Looks like we’ll be 8 connected realms soon:

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Even with all the connections that there are so far (counting the two upcoming) the population is going to only be around 7,000 based off wowprogress populations. Illidan is sitting at 22k so we are still tiny in comparison lol
I personally am really looking forward to having a larger population of people on the same server as me as most of the old benefits of a small server (less competition for world nodes, quest mobs, etc) are gone with CRZ. My hope is that if Blizz joins together ~10 smaller servers together that they will move to more of a layering system than CRZ. I know that at least for Hydraxis/Terenas we were on what felt like a KJ or Area-52 shard most of the time. In addition if I had warmode on I never saw someone from my own server out in the world.

What really sucks is that it ruins Raid Lockouts making it impossible for us to even raid on a 0/12 instance because it is broken. We don’t need another realm connection before pre-patch losing raid nights just to progress because of “low” Pop which right now isn’t the case. There are other low pop servers who need it more than we do right now. We are currently 11/12 working on Nzoth only for a second week of ruin raid locks to come in? after we just had one not even two weeks ago


wowprogress realm population is not correct

I’m sure you are correct, is there a better metric out there for it? I remember seeing a wow-population site a few years ago but again I don’t know accurate it was at the time, forget now. I just reference wowprogess because it is probably at least up to date as of the total of this patch to some extent. I mean I am fine with also using it as a simple proportion rather than raw numbers, the larger servers still have double the population that ten smaller servers do.

They moved Silver/Mok up to a medium pop server about a year ago . I went through a couple sites and they had our guild as like a few players .This site claimed active boss kills as there measuring tool of our guild and server. They made no sense as we have raided every week for the last 4 years ,still clear heroic weekly and our 11/12 Mythic pushing toward CE with many players that do a lot of keys. I downloaded there app and seemed to help a bit on the numbers but honestly the app sucked . I also went through wow progress on our realm and clicked through an item level sort and was over 9000 players over 465 item level . So wowprogress has some work to do as they have had our realm population at the same number for 4 years now ! The number never goes up or down … only time will tell if this all works and not everyone will be satisfied no matter what they do.

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True, I think for wowprogress you have to update your character info (or someone else does it for you) so that may be a large part of it as well. I think when classic came out I remember seeing stats does by people using /who (maybe on bots or scripted for a sanity check). I wonder if there is anyone doing that for retail.

Raider io has a realm filter by population . Silv/Mok/Sky/Drak is 70k plus and once it adds B Tundra/ S song 33k plus and then Tere/Hydra 30k …it will put this smorgasbord up to about 133k total with a 60% Alliance to 40% Horde . I trust that way more than the BS that wowprogress has for totals.

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WoWProgress has not been updated population wise since Warlords of Draenor.
Raider.IO has quite up to date numbers on populations.
Select the realm drop down menu and then select a region.


I am sure they will eventually, Borean will probably show up as first just because of the alphabet. I am sure many of you have been around a lot longer than we have, we only opened in January 2009.

wowpop was the site, but Blizzard broke their ability to query the servers to get a count. Or that’s what I have heard.

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I’m excited to be seeing new friends soon. Hydraxis-Terenas has felt kind of dead, especially on the raiding scene, and getting progressively worse since the end of Cata.

Here’s hoping the connections go well! I hope to see you all in game soon.


“more DRAMA I see in your future”

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