How is Bear tanking?

So I just got done playing God of War Ragnarok and I got the urge to try tanking as a Guardian Druid. Wanted to ask how it is.

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Just picked up Guardian myself after coming back from a break. It got mega buffed like a week into the prepatch. At least at 60 right now, I think they’re, by far, top damage tank in ST, Cleave, and big AoE. They’ve also gotta be the easiest tank to play, with a super simple playstyle and straightforward CDs. It feels super META.

They’re also obnoxiously fun to play in casual PVP right now (random BGs especially) and I think a Guardian will always be required for RBGs.

Of course, this all means nothing at 60.

It was pretty crazy in LFR on my 293 bear the trash at stone guardians I think I capped about 179-200k for a bit with all my buffs it was insane.

I’m really going to miss venthyr covenant ability with NF ability. That was some crazy fun.

As far as in DF they seem to be in alot better place, I notice the proc on using your instant self heal heals really well, pretty nice extra defensive in content. I been debating on maining a druid again or evoker

While I am loving evoker specs I feel I’d get into the content I want more if I go restoration and guardian. I find druid healing close to evoker but I can have a tank spec I love and a range spec too.

It’s been a long time but I want to dip a claw back into tanking and in style with my fel werebear and able to see my transmog in healer form is a plus too.

Im so happy that horrible venthyr playstyle is gone. That junk was horrible for bear, and caused it to be soo weak for season 3 and 4.

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I was curious too. I’ve mained a healer the last two expansion, but I used to love tanking. Leveled a warrior and a druid to tank in, and even though warrior is looking to be the meta tank , I really enjoyed playing guardian more. Also I love healing so having resto as an off spec is nice too (although I’ll probably level my priest as an alt).

Will I be able to push keys with a guardian druid, looking to play some semi-competitive keys and raid up to maybe heroic?

BROOO!!! Me too LMAO! I have never played bear EVER since vanilla. I just finished ragnarok and immediately leveled as guardian yesterday to learn it :joy:! I actually enjoy it. The moonfire talents are fun af. It seems fine tbh, I tanked some sepulcher bosses and anduin but who knows for df. I heard they got buffed :face_with_monocle: :cloud_with_rain:

maul is nutty right now. I’m ilvl 260 or so, maul is hitting for 50k

Bear will be fine as it is for all but maybe the most bleeding edge of content.

30+ keys? probably not. But I don’t think its that the spec can’t do it, its just that warrior will do it better, and just like every season, you’ll see the top competitive tanks will go to any perceived advantage.

20+ Sure.

The biggest issue with bear is the sad state of the spec and class trees. The trees are a mess.

Bear will likely be my first to KSM in season 1. Warrior will probably be second. That has a lot to do with the state of resto and feral. While I find warrior tanking fun right now, not having a healing spec is a turn off overall for me because sometimes I want to take a break and heal. And while I personally stink at DPS, feral is always fun to me for questing and 5 mans if I don’t feel like tanking or healing.

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