How is “Instance Leader” chosen?

Hello, pretty much the title sums up what I’m asking.

I love leveling toons through BG’s and find that at lower level brackets I’m very often “instance leader” and was just wondering how the system decides who is the leader.

And also, how can I tell if I’m the instance leader without typing a message to the group?

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Instance leader normally goes to the smartest person. No seriously, I think it’s the highest rank before the gate opens or a individual group leader. You can tell if your lead by looking at the raid tab.


It’s given out randomly AFAIK

And you can see a little crown on your name in the raid frames if you are the leader .


the game recognizes WSG is my jam and i have the best strats. so hurts less if you dont fight it.


There is a secret unassuming office building located in Irvine, Ca. In the basement, very deep in the basement, is the headquarters of PreBG where all WOW BG decisions are made. The 3 PreBGs sometimes referred to as precogs (different company) quickly come to a consensus as to who the BG Leader will be.


While all of these responses are… hilarious.

There are a few qualifications that lead to becoming instance leader.

  1. You are the leader of the largest group of players that queued together. If you queue with 4 people, and another group queues with 3, the leader of the group with 4 will be the instance leader.
  2. You’re the leader of the only party group that queued together.
  3. Assuming everyone solo queued, the first person to enter the BG is assigned leadership.

In regards to finding out if you’re the leader, you can open your raid tab and see if you have the crown next to your name.

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The logarithm to picking the Battleground Leaders is not complicated. It has to hit only 2 positives.

  1. Does the player like to spam chat with their secret Art of War strategy’s?
  2. Do they like to type using /rw?

What about people who are solo queue and didnt join first. But are still leader.

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I’ve never encountered that.

Perhaps its based on who accepts the prompt first. That way, people with slower computers would show up later than most, but still get lead.

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I think I’ve seen the system change the instance leader after additional players zone in.

Kinda mysterious.

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