How hard would this be to farm? Holy Resto Shaman Transmog?

So I legit just was told how to try on items in game and I went HAM on my shaman. I wanted to make a big, bulky beast-mode healer resto shaman. An absolute unit of healing output.

My result:

But uhhh, how hard would this be to farm? I am actually new and have no idea what a tomb of sarah is or waycrusty manor

Item list?:
head: valarjar runepriest’s vesture.
shoulders: mantle of waning radiance
Cloak: Conservatory Ward’s Drape
Top: Tunic of the Artifact Guardian
Shirt: Gilnean Adventurer’s shirt (I mostly wanted inner elbows to show for more “mail-like” feeling.)
Hands: Slaughterhouse-Chain bracers

Gloves: Vicegrip of the Unrepentant
Waist: Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp
Legs: Corrupted Aspirant’s Chain Leggings
Boots: Shal’dorei Weedstompers

Weapons: Lancet of the Deft Hand