How hard is rogue to learn?

I wanted to make a new toon to push higher end content mostly M+ and Mythic Raiding occasionally PvP mostly for weekly cap and for fun.

I was thinking of probably playing Outlaw.

How hard is it to learn how to play rogue at a competent level as in doing 90%+ of your parse DPS?

I currently play DH but wanted something more engaging and fun to play, and rogue seemed like a good choice mostly because of it’s mobility and utility.

What are some good WeakAura’s or addons that would make life easier?

It is not particularly difficult compared to any other class - keep your dots up, spam your filler rotation, use defensives, etc. With M+ and Mythic Raids you’re not really gated by class mechanics, you’re instead gated by your own awareness of the fight mechanics of the instance itself.

Idk about pve, but for pvp you gotta learn when to pop your coolies and when to save em for emergencies. I’m still learning myself. Some advice I got from someone is don’t do your opener from stealth using cheap shot, use garrot instead. Cause you wanna save your stun for the full 6 sec kidney shot.

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Probably middle of the pack in terms of difficulty, there’s no specific mechanic or minigame in the rotation that makes it particularly difficult compared to any other class.

For Outlaw the only part of the rotation that has any variance and can greatly affect a parse is Roll the Bones management but once you’ve played a bit and learn the different benefits of different rolls for different situations, there’s not much to it. You can parse pretty high without even worrying about the rolls much and just maintaining high uptime.

PVP I can’t really comment on.

For pvp I would start off as Sin. All you gotta do is apply bleeds and save toxic blades for kidney. Aslong as you don’t kidney off cd or on dr you will be fine. But once you get comfortable and have vers mastery gear give sub a try.

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Wouldn’t an opening cheap shot, followed by a full kidney result in a total of 7 seconds stun as opposed to your opener which is 6? You can also throw in the empowered garrote in there too.

Save cheap shot for the first vanish …Still have kidney for burst or to extend it

Rogue is a dot class now? :joy:

Garrote and Rupture make up a significant portion of damage, as well as generating Energy for you to use other abilities.
Rogue 101.


when i first started playing WoW back in Legion, i chose to play the Rogue because i always go for the assassin type classes in any mmorpg. after a 2 year long break i hopped back on and rolled another Rogue to 120. i haven’t really bothered with any other class since. Rogue is literally all i know how to play. insert Bane quote here. im not the best at mmorpgs but i feel comfortable with my class and its mechanics. the easiest way to learn is to just balls to the wall hop into it. its way more fun.


What does this mean? I thought KS and CS are independent

He’s talking about DR (Deminishing returns).

If you open with cheap shot, you put Stuns on 18 second DR once cheap shot ends, so that the next stun is 50% duration. So your 6 second kidney is now 3 seconds unless you wait for DR to fall off.

Often, it’s best to cheap shot the healer, and garrote the dps target. The cheap shot allows your partner to follow up cc like polymorph or physic scream and you now have a 6 second stun ready for the dps - so both the dps and healer are now in CC, and eating :poop:

Nope been DRing for some time now…

Dude throw in the towel! Rogue forums you know how toxic this shot is? Looking for advice they told me back in the day, learn, practice! The game isn’t hard you are just stupid! Not I say that now, but rogue is easy to learn hard to master

What happens to internal bleeding with DR when KS is cut short. Does it get sped up or nerfed as well?

You’re able to play a Ret Paladin right?

Well since Patch 6.0 Rogue is just a Ret paladin with stealth.

That’s About the only real difference, and if you look closely at all the other classes they’re done variant of Ret paladin or Warrior.

Even wizard’s and healers are not immune to the homogenized game play.

Sorry to have spoiled the modern game.

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I just started playing outlaw about 2 weeks ago.

Its fairly easy to learn, but roll the bones is super annoying. :frowning: Especially when you get bad roll after bad roll.

I’m going to switch to assassination and see if I like that better.

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The chain is cool tho

Bfa isn’t great but classic is hardly a paragon of great class design. Sin and sub are not that simular to ret, at least not if you are any good

Internal bleeding is it’s own dot, applied by the number of combo points. So doesn’t matter if they trinket, DR etc. (but you should never DR kidney unless it’s going to secure a kill)

That being said if they are immune to kidney it won’t apply.