How Far Behind Are Necro and Venth?

How far behind are Venthyr and Necrolord really? Are there any sims around? Bored with Night Fae and I don’t like Kyrian but if I also don’t want to drop by half my dps.

I decided to just switch to Necrolord. Sims say its only a 200 dps loss and that doesn’t seem like a make or break number to me.

I am Necrolord too and i really like it.

NF is still ahead and you will notice this difference in AoE situation.

Single target wise Necrolord can output decent numbers.

But most important thing play what you like. If you want to try Necrolord go for it. Form me it’s fun even in pvp.

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One of my goals this expansion is to get all the colors of the nightfae armor for this character, or I would probably switch. WS is just not exciting to use. Death Chakrams on the otherhand is always on CD for me. I just love the feel of it and I am necro on my other hunters.

I went through with it and so far I am liking the decision. I like being able to use the covenant ability more often. I don’t feel too far behind where I was, though I do think using Necrolord over NF is much more punishing if you mess up your rotation. I like having a medium hitting ability every pack to every other pack in dungeons compared to a hard hitting ability every two minutes.

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