How does your character feel about those on the other faction?

This is sort of a broad question but im curious. How does your character feel about the other faction?

She’s got no beef with the Tauren. (Look, I made a funny.)

Aside from that, the short answer is “nothing positive”.

Breaking it down a bit, the gist of it is that most of the races that make up the Horde have been enemies of the high elves for some time.

Trolls: Trolls and elves have been enemies for, like, ever. A significant portion of Vanaelia’s life has been devoted to killing trolls, specifically. During the Troll Wars, the Amani almost wiped out their people. And while there are distinctions between the forest trolls, the sand trolls, and the jungle trolls? Vanaelia’s encountered enough trolls doing bad stuff that she’s comfortable thinking of all of them as bad.

Orcs: Her first introduction to orcs was the same as most people, when they were all hopped up on goofballs or demon blood and tried to kill everything on the planet. Then they teamed up with the trolls to try to take out Quel’thalas, setting fires to the forest, and laying siege to…I think it was Silvermoon. Also, in her mind, she keeps seeing orcs responsible for catastrophe. The original Horde. The Fel Horde. Garrosh’s Horde. The Iron Horde. It’s…she’s comfortable holding her view point.

Also, she’s been to Orgrimmar, and it’s ugly. Spikes and dust.

Undead: Her first real introduction to the undead came when Arthas marched on Silvermoon, killed their king, wiped out most of their people, and fouled the Sunwell. So, no, she’s not cool with them. (Note: This extends to death knights) She also knows that the trolls could have attempted to help them fight off the Scourge, but chose to wait and watch.

Goblins: She doesn’t have the same animosity for goblins that she does for some of the other members of the Horde. She does, however, know that when Arthas came to Silvermoon, it was on goblin zeppelins.

Blood elves: She just wishes the rest of her people would come to their senses. She hates what their grief has let them become.

As far as the Allied Races?

Highmountain, much like the standard Tauren, she hasn’t racked up any bad vibes towards. (Also a small funny.)

Mag’har orcs: You mean the Iron Horde?

Zandalari: The Zandalari were the ones who organized and armed the Amani. So, no, she’s not a fan.

Nightborne: She thinks they’re cute, thinking they’re nobility. Maybe noble among themselves? Sure. Let them pretend. After all, they’re from Suramar. /scoff

She doesn’t really know enough about the Vulpera to form any strong opinions…though she recalls one tried to steal from her in the desert, and also shot at her. So, she has her eye on them.


Eh, they taste about as good as the other one.


There are some races in the Horde he’s alright with like the Tauren who he views as noble but not weak, they exemplify what the Orcs are talking about when they mean “honor”

There are some which he doesn’t care much about, but doesn’t like and regards them as enemies due to aiding or at least being affiliated with the Horde like Nightborne, Vulpera, Trolls.

Then there are some races he truly hates like the Forsaken, Orcs, Goblins, and the Sin’dorei.

Aside from them, he holds the Horde in extreme contempt. His religious belief even has a concept that the Horde absolutely must be destroyed, or at least, driven entirely out of the Eastern Kingdoms; being strongly influenced by his service in the armed forces of the Alliance, being influenced by the Lightforged Draenei, and also being someone who was born in Southshore.

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Asana likes the Horde and wishes she could associate with them more. SHe respects their fighting spirits and finds some of their cultures interesting. Though the forsaken are hit or miss, she was there during their Scourge days.

Officially, Asana’s neutral to the factions and independent. A freelancer who likes to float around the Alliance, but not really bound to them. Do to the circumstances of her upbringing she was never given any biases towards the Horde nations. No grudges, grievances, nor does she care about their past history. Her judgments come more on a personal basis.

So generally it’s a non-issue. If an orc came to her campsite and wasn’t trying to kill her then he’d be cheerfully invited in for dinner.


To Zhaoyang people are people. She generally judges by individual, and as long as they aren’t directly bothering her or people she personally knows she has little reason to care until they do.

Neither Alliance or Horde mean anything to her. Her affiliation with the Alliance is purely incidental.


Mixed feelings.

He’s not a racist. Between his time in the Argent Dawn and Conclave Benedikt has fought alongside most types of humanoids.

But he has little more than contempt for the Alliance as a political institution. The Forsaken, Sin’Dorei and Kezani Goblins all joined the Horde as a reaction to Alliance aggression. He also believes Lordaeron will never know peace so long as Stormwind remains a major military power.

He has a soft spot for the Kaldorei as, before the Blood War, they rarely interacted. Not so much an enemy as a friend of an enemy. Likewise he believes the Dwarves, Gnomes and Draenei could be negotiated with. It’s really just the human problem. So long as their delusional sense of entitlement towards Lordaeron remains, he’ll always be prepared for war, and isn’t opposed to preemptive strikes.

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Vencio doesn’t agree with the Horde’s political ideologies and stance, particularly being strongly Orc aligned in which emphasized in raiding and conquering.

However he holds no ill towards any horde race, including IRC’s being off the political ideology component.

During Legion, In our Paladin gathering it was crucial we had to work together against a formidable in which sought to cease our existence (burning legion),

I strongly condone the Horde for Teldrassil’s genocide but I will not take it upon every “horde” race that’s out of those boundaries

Overall Astrea doesn’t necessarily hate the Horde. She has a rather low opinion of the factions in general and believes the Kaldorei have no place in the Alliance, especially now; but I digress.

In regards to the Horde in particular she generally sees them as a chaotic collective, as likely to destroy itself than what or who is around them for one reason or another. Being Highborne she maintains some minor sympathy for the Blood Elves and otherwise sees the Nightborne’s allegiance as a massive loss; both to her caste and herself.

Beyond all that her disposition is relatively neutral. She pretty much has distain for everyone, including her own people, and only spares that distain for personal friends, family and proven colleagues; people she feels she has significant reasons not to internally hate.


Valend views the Forsaken as misguided- a once-proud people reduced to the tools of a petty and self-obsessed megalomaniac. It helps that he used to be one of them.
Pity isn’t enough to stay his blade, however.

Orcs he’s not confident about judging as a collective- too many individuals. However, he does know that there’s generally two “political parties” among the orcs with every Warchief. Usually a “war-opposing” and a “war-supporting” faction.

The few trolls he got to know were pretty alright people, but he has no delusions about being able to avoid conflict with them.

Tauren, he likes. He likes Tauren a lot, because Tauren are usually only violent in reaction. They’re generally very peaceful and welcoming. But he also respects their capacity to put their hooves down and take a firm stand on matters they’re passionate about.

He hasn’t interacted with many Nightborne, but his initial impressions are “arrogant yet reserved.” They clearly take pride in their history, and they’re confident in their magecraft… but he notices that they all act as if they’re trying to avoid a mistake, consciously dancing around specific things.

Tobias finds Blood Elves mystifying for their capacity to cling to a political faction that clearly shifts between dispassionate, borderline ignorance of their presence, and actively using them as an expendable pawn. He honestly wonders why they haven’t either joined the Alliance, or decided enough was enough and went independent.

Vulpera and Zandalari, Tobias has no strong opinion on- though he does find the Zandalari more… snooty, than their Darkspear counterparts.

Being a survivor of Yrel and her Lightbound fanatics… Lyoog has a strong hatred of Draenei and their allies.

If Tam were giving someone her overview regarding the Alliance races…

Humans: “Most of them are friendly enough, except for the leaders and military. They seem to all be jerks that want to run everything and they’ll kill whoever stands in their way. The funniest thing about humans though is that a lot of them can randomly turn into wolves! They call those ‘Gilneans’ and sometimes you can tell because they don’t talk like the others, but not always. All humans like to talk, though. And buy stuff. Like I said, they’re always in everyone’s business.”

Elves: “So there’s the ones that are pretty much like Blood Elves. Then there’s the ones that look like Nightborne, only a lot of them dress and act more like Tauren. Other than that, they’re still Elves. The biggest difference is that they can be even more stand-offish and judgey, so you have to approach them more carefully.”

Gnomes: “They’re smart enough, but you have to be careful because they’re also kind of crazy. They’ll be friendly with you one moment and stab you in the back the next. Talking to them is always interesting because like I said, they can be kind of crazy sometimes. They also tend to like machines even more than some goblins I know!”

Dwarves: “I only ever met a half-dwarf, but she was very nice! The other dwarves I’ve seen have all been short hairy guys. Every time I’ve seen one, they’re either laughing or yelling about something, but no matter what, they’re always drinking. I’ve never actually talked to one. Are there lady dwarves?”

Draenei: “They seem nice enough, but most of them follow this crazy religion that is all about the Light and has all these special rules and roles for everyone. Apparently, only the women get to go out and work. Meanwhile, the men stay at home and concentrate on working on their muscles so they can look attractive. I don’t get to talk to them often, but whenever I do, I end up leaving with so many questions.”


that is a great summary Thanks

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She has had individuals on the opposite faction that she respects.

But after Teldrassil, she has no illusions about any lasting peace. She doesn’t believe that the factions are at a true peace, this is just a pause while they recover, gather strength and start the fight again.

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Erriden is completely indifferent towards the races of the horde ic opting out of actually participating with the war.

If she sees them on Darkshore, she shoots them if she can get away with it.

Raede is independent and neutral, having spent some time with the Argent Dawn back when he was a rogue, which is where he met his human paladin wife.

He is not against the Horde, just Sylvanas and those who blindly followed her orders. As such he tried to only do things that would better the Horde in general, while staying out of the faction conflict. He was an avid participant in Saurfang’s rebellion.

When pressed to get involved in conflicts with the Alliance he refuses to outright kill anyone. He will defend himself or go around looking for the mortally wounded and ease their transition to the other side and thus fulfill his “duty” to the Horde in a manner in which he feels more comfortable.

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Alright i will say what hawke here think of the horde.

Orcs: Their odd, big, green, going on and on about honor, honestly their idea of honor seems like a short lives with constant danger, i mean im all for adventure, but dying in battle is no way to leave a legacy.

Trolls: I only met one troll, he was weird, constantly childish, but entertaining, but others usually attacked me, wanted to eat me or somethin, mojo nonsense i kept hearing to be honest…

Tauren: They’re alright, nice bunch really, met a highmountain one that made great cheese.

Goblins: mix feelings, but i like their attitude on things, just wish their toys were easy to salvage or did not explode

Forsaken: Worst bunch of em, the blight everything and everyone in their way, i hear they experiment on innocent people to test that toxic goo they use, as well as torture people too join them willingly… light help them, because i sure as fel will shoot em on sight…

Blood elves: I seen my fair share off elves, enough to know some are decent, but i keep hearing alot of things that make me want too punch that pretty perfumed face without hesitation, so word advice, you want to make them feel bad for talking you down like the lowest form of a peasent? give em a black eye or two

Adahlis hates the Horde. Before the Burning of Teldrassil, they were okay to her. She did not interact with them and kept her distance. Still didnt like their methods but respected theit honor motives. But once Teldrassil was burned, she grew to dispise them. She didnt live in Darnassus for very long after the Sundering and lived longer in Val’sharah but still raised her little sister there and has plenty of memories. She lost her sister Melreen in the burning and became enraged at Neemia (the one she raised by herself) for getting engaged to a Blood Elf. Even though he disagreed with the burning, he was still a part of the Horde and that was enough for her to hate him. After the wedding right before the sky broke open, she learned he managed to fly to the tree and rescue many other Night Elves as well as the sister he married. Neemia had been struck down by an arrow and had a val’kyr raise her. He saved so many, Tyrande recognized him on Darkshore against Nathanos and left him alive because she basically raised his wife back in Suramar while Adahlis was with the Wardens (Before becoming an Illidari of course). Tyrande knew the Blood Elf married Neemia and didnt want to hurt the young Elf so she mostly injured him and gave the Blood Elf a few scars but let him leave before she killed him.

A brief rundown on the Auvec family (the family of characters I use)

Luni (blood elf, Horde): Pretty neutral to the Alliance in general. Her main loyalties lie with Silvermoon and thus, the Horde. But she doesn’t have any real animosity towards the Alliance either. She is however a bit weary towards the newly created void elves.

Ovvou (undead, Horde): Does not like the Alliance as a faction, but can come around to individuals within the faction. He will gladly fight the Alliance if that is the will of the Banshee Queen (pre-ending of BfA) or the Horde in general but if given a reason he’d gladly leave them alone and live out the rest of eternity in the company of his Horde aligned sister.

Jon (human death knight, Alliance): Does not care about the Horde. Does not care about the Alliance. Is in fact only in the Alliance post WotLK because his younger sister would be shattered if he ‘defects’.

Daiza (human, Alliance): Hates the Horde, but hates undead more. She is willing to look past faction allegiances as long as there isn’t a connection with the undead. Wants to kill her twin, Ovvou to ‘free him from his curse and send him to the Light’. That Horde hate grew exponentially after the War of the Thorns and she now believes her living sister Luni is forever tainted by the darkness of the Horde and undead and desires to kill her too. She also deep down wants to kill Jon as well, but convinces herself that he’s okay because he’s Alliance.