How does loot from visions work?

I know that if I just clear I get a low iLvl piece, if I 5 clear I get a 470 piece.

With corruption being guaranteed next week do you get a piece of gear for each mask?

Like if i do a 5 clear and get a 470 then I do a 4 clear will I get another piece of gear at a low iLvl? Or does it cap at whatever you did first for the week?

I hope it’s the former as it gives us a minor way to farm for corruption considering every piece of my weekly chest has been scrapped so far.

I’m thinking it would be wiser to start at a lower mask level and work up. But that’s just my thought with zero proof.

They havent said anything about that yet, but i hope you can get your 470 465 460 etc all corrupted, im all for more corruption sources for everyone, if you cant scrap the system alltogether may as well increase the sources.

As of currently you can get multiple pieces for going higher.

I’m hoping the guaranteed corruption is for all of them.

If you clear with 5 masks, you get a 470 piece. If you clear with 5 masks a second time that week, you get a 465 piece.

If you clear with 4 masks, you get 465 (down 5 ilvl for each lower # of masks). The next time, 460. If you’re going for maximum ilvl out of weekly runs with the most ease, go 5 > 4 > 5 > 3 > 4 etc.

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each mask ups the iLv of the reward by 5 up to 5 masks and 470.

you can only get 1 piece per " difficulty ". if you did a 5 mask full clear you would get a 470, if you did another 5 mask full clear it drops down to 465 ( which is the 4 mask full clear reward ) until each " difficulty " reward has been earned. all the way down to 420.

outside of that your guess is as good as anyone elses.

ive never seen a weapon, trinket or ring from a vision. ive also never seen any of the gear corrupt ever, but thats changing next week.

and all i ever see is haste/crit gear. i never see anything else. and haste/crit is bad for my spec. the reward structure for visions is bad. and blizz should feel bad.

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You can earn every ilvl reward possible for the week. If you do a 5 mask Full Clear, you will get your 470. If you do it again for some reason, or dial it down to a 4 mask, you’ll get your 465. The next one you do if 3 masks or more will get your 460. Etc, etc.

There are 8 rewards, if you’re willing to do 8 separate runs for them all and meet the requirements of objectives / masks you can get them all.

Why would you bother doing a 5 again? Isnt the best play to do a 5 mask, than just a bunch of 4 masks to get the other pieces?

Cause some people have 5 masks in farm mode, which means more mementos per run, faster sockets etc.

Because if you do a 4 two times in a row, you get 460 the second time around. The second 5 mask run is a 465, much like your first 4 mask. So you can get two 465s for the week.

Is this right? I thought you could only get one piece per “tier”?

Ya, I do each week. To the point that I got a 450 from a 3 mask run on an alt :frowning:

Cause its only 1 item per tier weekly, so:

1st 5 mask run -> 470
2nd 5 mask run -> 465
3rd 5 mask run -> 460

You get the idea.

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Loot from Visions next week should work exactly like it has since 8.3’s launch.

The only difference will be that starting next week the piece you get will always be corrupted.

If you 5-clear you get a 470. If you then 5-clear again or do a 4-clear, you get the next ilevel piece down that you have not already received that week: 465. And so on.

In theory, starting next week, if you are capable of 5-masking, and if you do 8 visions that week, you would get a guaranteed corrupted piece at each available ilevel: 420, 430, 445, 450, 455, 460, 465, and 470.

At cloak 14 repeatedly 5 masking has a high memento yield. That’s probably the main reason since the difficulty gap between 4 and 5 masks is pretty small at the level of sanity protection.

I find Mask of the Long Night makes the difficulty much harder. “Farm” to me means i only need to half focus on the game while watching a youtube video or something. With a full 5 mask, all it takes is one missed stun, and im having a bad run. I use 4 to farm, because that is zero stress.


Yeah i was of that opinion at cloak 13. The added sanity protection just trivialized the last mask so now its faster and more mementos to just spam 5s. One could do very thorough 4 mask clears and get ALL of the treasures and odd crystals, but i found that to be slow compared to just clean clears at 5 mask. Mileage will vary, obviously.

Guess ill see next week. I only just got my 14 this week, after i did my 5 run.

They made a post a while ago outlining exactly how visions loot works. I’ll see if I can find it.

Edit: ah, here it is.

Weird, just did full clear org no masks and also got 445 azerite head? Oh DUH, full clear no mask 445.

Ah spiffy. Now I know I can finally do a full clear, at least (with no mask) and still get a 445. This time I just took it kind of slower, did not spazz. Nice for next week, when it will have corruption (but be stormwind… so not sure If I can do a full clear there.)