How does Death affect the present Thalassian elves who lost 90% of its people in the past

Like the title says is there any information in the lore in-game or books that states how long live elves like the Thalassian react to the lost of their adults, that are from I can speculate, the youngest is probably over the hundreds years?

I guess this would apply the other elves too… but my interest comes from me talking to my friend and creating this personal RPG scenario on how we would react to Jaina as a quest giver… to give our play time a bit of RPG feeling/tension flavor as we quest with our Thalassian elves since the Dalaran “incident”.

We plan to go full RPG and even write a Journal about it as we have to ignore our personal feeling for our dead friends that we know for hundreds of years and focus on the immediate thread ahead. Then we plan to compare notes and probably make it into a whole story to role play later! :grin:

I think he plan to go Void and I’m thinking going Blood… but we still have not decided and might even change between our alts… as we try to RPG into this imaginary tense situation as we have to take orders from Jaina and complete the quests.

Any information or personal suggestion is appreciated… This is just for fun so you can share any unhinge perception… I might be playing either with my DK or DH… so maybe ill take that suggestion no matter how crazy it may sound. lol :grin:

Thanks if you took the time to read and give any feedback or info on the mentality or lore on surviving Thalassian mentality when they lose their people after so many years knowing them since they were so very few survivors at that time.

Thalassian elves seem to age at about the same rate as humans. There’s no real indication they age slower. Salandria was just a child when we first met her and then 10 years later she is adult-ish. Valeera likewise was a child during the 3rd war and is now an adult. So no, the youngest blood elf adults are not over 100 years old.

Only race I’m aware of that has extended childhoods is Draenei.


Really? Interesting…

I thought I read differently but then again I play and read so many different fantasy theme games and lore I could have easily mix it up with other elves… no wonder elves and humans get along so well lol.

I guess we will have to roll play it more down to earth normal in grief with our RPG than if it were long live elves like in other fantasy stories… were some can hold a grudge or morn lost ones for ages.

Thanks for the info, I’ll read more chronicle to see where in time I can put our Thalassian characters when they were High elves to better siment that fictional drama and maybe check if there were any name casualties on that incident to juice up the characters resentment like Magister Hathorel.

There might not be faction wars but we can totally role play the scars that they left in our own heads for fun! :grin:

They do live a long time. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I meant they age at normal human rate up to adulthood then remain in adulthood for an indeterminate amount of time. Blizzard has been very vague on just how long any of the races live.


Oh ok thank you… yeah Blizzard has been vague on this and is why I create a post because I could not find any real source to confirm.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to answer let’s see what comes out of our crazy RPG session after the expansion comes out, when we play together at that time lol.


imo this is something that needed to be fleshed out more in the lore but hasn’t been yet.

You are completely on your own in this. There are no mandates, no guidelines as to how your character should “feel” about anything. If any were given, you’d be hearing a large amount of pushback from the Gamergate crowd who would not want “to be told how to feel”, and they would be right, though for the wrong reasons.

Big moments of history hit people differently, even those technically who should be united by nation, faith, or philosophy. After Quel’thalas was attacked by Arthas, Kael’thas quit his Kirin Tor membership and never returned to Dalaran. If you had no attachment to the Sunreavers, you might not even be aware of what went down in the city.


Thank you for your feedback Drahliana, your blunt but always on point, which to me is good.
I’m still crafting the story of the characters… it’s really a personal project, just to spice our own WoW game making polarizing our characters with personal controversies, nothing really too serious.

Now I’m playing Remix to get a bit of inspiration, I forgotten how Dark the faction wars can get, however a lot of people got use to Dragonflight lighter mood and were genuinely disgusted on GD.
Still it’s good past to explore for inspiration… and besides everyone know the my Horde lost for good, I don’t think we ever going recover from BfA to start a fight when they world is in peril, not to mention that Alliance Leaders can basically one shot us lol (IMO) :rofl:

Sorry sidetracked there the Faction conflict had me injected with my old Horde wounded pride lolol :sweat_smile:
Anyway thanks again!

:wave: :grin:


Thalassian elves (High elves, Blood elves, Void elves) age at the same rate Humans do until they hit 18 and then there’s a hard stop.
They do not physically age after they hit adulthood… that we know of, because not a single elf has ever died of old age.
The oldest Blood elf that we know of is Lorash Sunbeam who says he was a child during the exile of the Highborne, making him 7000 years old at the time of his death during Battle for Azeroth.
We don’t know how long their lifespans actually are, or if they’re functionally immortal like the Draenei


Anasterian was ancient by the time of the Third War. He definitely did not stop aging, but he was well over 3000 years old. And there were at least 3 kings of Silvermoon before him.

Considering that Silvermoon had a good 4000 years of peace between when Dath’Remar founded it and when Anasterian became king, it’s safe to say those kings likely died of age rather than war.

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That man was also well over 3000 and looked no different than any of the player blood elves, it is clear age alone will not kill an elf

This might be the real discussion you’re looking for as others already addressed the whole aging thing and imo, is really just kinda a side conversation that doesn’t really touch on the whole losing the vast majority of your friends and family, if not being the only one left in your social circle.

To my knowledge there is no hard lore on how most feel, at least the every day folks. There snippets here and there. Sylvanas’ reaction to the BE player visiting UC for the first time returning her necklace from Alleria she sings the Lament of the Highborne, updated to reflect the pain of WC3.

The Blood Knights took a ‘only the strong survive’ approach initially, a mentality that those who are left need to pull their own weight.

Saltheril just kept partying as if nothing happened, maybe cause he’s a partier, maybe out of trauma to retain some sense of normalcy.

Silvermoon as a whole took measures to ensure stability within the city between their arcane golems ensuring compliance and the mages forcing compliance through their magic as seen in the crowd in the bazaar, showing some are active in what direction they should take after crisis. A lot that we run into and talk to are soldiers or military of some kind, so they’re still out there doing their day to day tasks, not really having much time for thoughts or feelings.

You can get some idea from Lor’themar’s gossip text.

  • “The towering spires and sparkling streets of Silvermoon are a testament to the indomitable spirit of our people. The blood elves will endure any hardship, over come any obstacle, and emerge stronger than before.”
  • “Be strong. Kael’thas has betrayed us and what we know is in flux, but do not lose heart. We will endure, as we always have. Arthas did not crush our spirit when he swept through our land, and neither will Kael’thas. Let it serve as a lesson to us all as we move forward to our prosperous future.”
  • “The blood elves will endure any hardship, overcome any obstacle, and emerge stronger than before.”
  • “I will do whatever it takes to protect Quel’Thalas and its people. Even if it means being used.”
  • “Here I find myself so close to believing that the ends justify the means. But the ruins of the Magisters’ Terrace will haunt me forever, reminding me of the fate I tempt with that thought. This is the line I walk, finally knowing that the actions I take in necessity are nonetheless indefensible. Those truths can never be reconciled, but sometimes I can hold them both side by side and almost understand.”

Lor’themar, to my reading, shows a people in deep pain but determined to push forward by nearly any means necessary. They know they are in a very disadvantaged position, but their will is strong and it will carry them through. That feeling may have dropped off a little bit since WC3 and BC, given its been 20 years or so relative prosperity and success despite the world almost ending 4 or 5 times over. Quel’thalas has, overall, been left unscathed since Arthas. So perhaps there is more hope now that things are stabilized.

If you’re looking to enhance your writing or look to how maybe one would react, survivor stories and studies of some of the most devastating events in our own history would be a place to look. Personally, I take a little from post war Soviet history and how people reacted to emptied villages, decimated populations, and the psyche that people were left with.

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A lot of this depends on how you imagine your character. Are they a partisan? Are they thoughtful, intelligent, and/or aware?

The facts of the ‘Dalaran incident’ are:

  1. Very few actually died, most were imprisoned and/or banished.
  2. The incident was initiated by the Sunreavers violating Dalaran’s neutrality by using Dalaran’s resources to attack Teldrassil and the Horde player character participated, meaning they have some knowledge of that.
  3. The Sunreavers are a military organization.

How aware and observant is your character? Would the recognize the actions they help with during the attack on Teldrassil as using Dalaran? Would they have taken note of the multiple NPCs telling them they were risking their place in Dalaran? Or would they be the kind to just follow orders and not think about it?

How aware and how biased are you imagining your character?

For instance, a strongly partisan (biased) character may know what the Sunreavers did and believe it entirely was justified while believing Jaina’s actions were completely wrong. Another character may see the Sunreaver’s actions as wrong, but feel the response was vastly disproportionate to the crime. Or your character may be able to look at both perspectives and understand the banishment (whether agreeing or not).

As far as the deaths, there are variables how your character would see it based on their history. Keep in mind that most of the death’s, and the most impactful, would have happened in Arthas attack. That killed a LOT of civilians as well as much of the military. The civilian deaths are the ones that would impact a person more. After that event many were lost to the mana addiction, also civilians. Those are the unexpected and more difficult to handle. Those would be the ones that would leave the biggest scars. Since than, not many Thalassian elves have really died (relatively speaking). Remember that there were very few deaths in Dalaran. Most elves that died during Garrosh war time period did so on the front lines of the war, as Sunreavers. The Sunreavers are the military and there is a certain expectation of risk, making their deaths less impactful to a person’s emotional state.

And would your character know that Garrosh instigated the war and ordered the attacks against the desires of the other race leaders? Would he/she blame the losses on Garrosh? Or on the Alliance?

Etc, etc.

A lot of how you role play will depend on how your character would have seen the world before the events. And how clear headed they could be. Because those effect how your character would perceive the right/wrong of the facts.

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In WoW yes, because Blizzard didn’t make a custom model for a dead NPC who has no significant relevance in the story.

In lore he was old.

Thanks for this insight, this actually helps I forgotten these! It’s been so long that I forgotten how cool Blood Elves use to be… surviving and having things in common with the Forsaken.
They still cool but it feels they lost their edge… then again its been 20 years and are focus on full re-built. Hmmm lots to think on this…

Weeeeelll one is a Demon hunter so I could go full on being unhinge a bit lol… the other is a DK who I could say his death could be in almost any scenario after Arthas, becoming that which he hated… still not sure who or if I such just roll play the both on the expansion.

DH history is set on a part BC past and then Legion events were he could found out there at Dalaran that happend. Having a demon inside won’t make it any easier to handle either way, makes it easier to create Drama with him I guess even after SL, if he meeted with his lost love ones.
DK feels more of a challenge, as in WoW death is not the end and CAN in someway give perspective or give you full indifference… Then there is SL…

Ahhh still work in progress but thank you it game me some perspective to think on!

THank you all for your input it helps

I’d argue they’ve appeared to lose it in some more of their edge due to some of the more upfront nature of their story telling with like Liadrin with the Silver Hand, really since BC since her whole astonishment at the Sunwell’s warmth from the Light and all the Naaru stuff but not completely.

If you look at say Nazmir, the Blood Elves are straight up using the anima golems and blood magic they learned from Isle of Thunder. Speaking of Isle of Thunder, it shows they i full force, bringing a little mini magic font to help them out and the Spellbreakers back in action. Lor’themar is just great in general, Rommath has made his cameos and shows his general snarkiness, and the whole mini Ghostlands quest shows the hardships they still deal with at their borders. Yeah, they may not be Naaru sucking paladins any more (much to my dismay) but if you are roleplaying there is little to stop you from using more orthodox methods of commanding the light rather than faith or belief in it.

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I think High/Blood Elves, before the Sunwell became a font of Holy Light, were a bit (3 times?) longer lived than humans.

I saw something that said they were now “nigh” immortal.

OTOH, Blizzard shows little indication of caring about the implications of a races life span.

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