How does a Horde Character get to Outland now?

I looked up how to get silvermoon reputation to get the Bloodelf Armor. Unfortunately my level 120 Bloodelf is a Demon Hunter so I don’t have the reputation on it. My Bloodelf that I leveled is only around level 60 so she has the rep but not the level.

I’ve looked up how to get the reputation and have decided to do some dungeons while wearing the tabard. I was wanting to start with The Mechanar and the Botanica dungeons which I think are in Outland. I don’t know how to get there now because the Hellfire portal that was in the cleft of shadows is gone. So, how do I get there?

Edit: This post keeps getting revived. This is NOT a current post and portals have been moved since this question was asked. If you have this question you should probably ask it in a new post because the information in this thread would now be confusing.

There’s a portal to Shattrath in the portal room. It’s near the Thrallmar mage.


The portals were moved to a new Portal Room where they’re all collected in one spot. For Horde, it’s a new tunnel inside the front gate of Orgrimmar. Can’t miss it, there’s a Shattrath portal there.

Thanks. I actually went to Shattrath and didn’t recognize it as the place I needed to be. Well then I guess I don’t know how to get to the dungeons. I was going by a wowhead guide: and didn’t recognize the map. I’ll fly around Shattrath and see if I find the dungeons.

Mechanar and Botanica are located in the Netherstorm, which are north of Terokkar. Northwestish is the marsh, north of that is Blade’s Edge Mountains, and follow Blade’s Edge northeastish until you hit Netherstorm.

Those dungeons are floating in a structure called Tempest Keep, at the northeastern edge of the Netherstorm.

Edit: More like east.

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Thanks! I’ve not been to this area before. I’m at Netherstorm now looking for Tempest Keep.

Edit: Ok, I’m there! Thanks everyone for your help.

In case anyone else comes across this question, here’s another way to get to Outland as of July 2020. You can take the portal to Undercity in Orgrimmar, where the Tirisfal Glades zeppelin used to be. If you have talked to Zidormi previously, and your current view of the area is the past, then you will be teleported to Undercity right next to a Hellfire portal. If you get transported next to Zidormi, then you will need to talk to her before you can go through the portal in Undercity (if you can find it). I have such a hard time finding the entrance to Undercity, I found it easier to talk to Zidormi to show me the past, then go back to Orgrimmar and through the Undercity portal again. I hope this helps someone. Figuring out how to get places is the hardest thing about the game, for me. I do wish they would stop changing it.


Portals in Orgrimmar.

How did you get to 120 and not use the portal room?

Well, they restructured where the portals were. Moved things around, removed from dalaran, rearranged in Orgimmar. Things change. When you look up where to find things and read out of date info it can get confusing. Now these places are much easier to find.

In case anyone finds themselves here because the Shattrath portal is NOT beside the Thrallmar mage, inside the small hallway to the portal room, there is a stairwell on the left hand side that goes down to another portal room. There you can find the portals to Shattrath, Caverns of Time and Warspear.


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Sëamore, you’re a lifesaver! Thank you for this!!


Why would you necro a year old thread to offer a new solution that’s worse in every way?


Through the portal I believe . Like every other zone . In org.