How do you use fear in shadowlands?

I never see anyone talk about it but does fear actually do anything anymore? i feel like its a 1.5sec casted kick because if anything touches your target even a gust of air from your fart it breaks. Sure its good for CCing in arenas i guess? but what if you have dots on? or youre trying to get a crack head melee off you. can someone maybe explain to me how to better use it these days.

  1. You can pretty much control all slimes on first and second boss of plaguefall using banish and fear

  2. you can save your life using fear in a spiteful ghost

  3. you can use it on a inspired mob to make it flee if the mob is already pulled and people need it out to interrupt

  4. you can use in halls as a stun to cancel the houndmaster buff on bears. Or use it to make her move to the pack.

  5. You can use in DOS to make the flying mob from hakkar to fly back to the boss to be cleaved down

  6. You can use in sanguine weeks to move static mobs out of pools

  7. You can use on a left over mob at the dragon boss from NW to avoid the explosion it will do if a mob is alive after the cast (your felguard stun and coil can be used to the same purpose here too)

p.s.: If you are affliction or destro and has a dot on the mob, equip fear conduit and it will hold a lot more damage before breaking.


He’s asking about pvp lol

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Well, it was ambiguous lol. At least it is still a list of tips <3


And I appreciate it!

Good list. :wink:

Yes to all those point on that list.

Some of these I didn’t even know, avoiding explosions in NW boss fight, whattt. That’s pretty awesome.

Thanks much.

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