How do you take your coffee or tea?

Instant decaf black. Made using hot water from the faucet.
Tastes and looks like dirt. But you get used to it :slight_smile:

At Tim Hortons, I get a double-double.

At home, I approximate that.

At the office, I try to use a little less sugar and less half-and-half.

I try.


I, too, enjoy a spot of milk in my coffee (but absolutely not my tea). I do take mine with a smidge of salt, though, because it helps alleviate a bit of the bitterness. (

Coffee: 8oz, 1 milk, a pinch of salt, no sugar, no flavoring.
Tea: No milk, a drop of honey.

Yikes, lol, Kaivax I take it you really don’t like the taste of coffee and just want the sugar/caffeine rush. :wink:

Try this?

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Now that I have collected a database of all of your coffee and tea preferences, might I recommend a perfect AD for your viewing …

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Adding fat to coffee makes the coffee taste stronger.


2 sugar, and as I’m a stay home parent, usually reheated

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When I travel, I learn how to order coffee with milk in the native language.

Okay 1 mug of kerig starbucks french vanilla ground coffee, then add 4 ts of non-dairy creamer, add 2 and 1/3 ts suger…then a nice shot of french vanilla creamer and Bamo yummy! and yes I would love some coffee, with all that other stuff XD

If you do not enhance the coffee, then that would be blassmiffy! Oh and decaff is the DEBIL!

First it has to be VERY strong. This is my power on and boot up process and not some hoity-toity princess tea party. Then I put heavy whipping cream in it.

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Black. Aka straight, no chaser

I have one cup to wake up

One to keep the headache fairy away

One more if I want to simulate an oncoming heart attack

It is incomprehensible to me how anyone can drink coffee black. It’s WAY too bitter. In an 8 oz. cup I put 2 rounded spoonfuls of sugar plus a little more and a decent amount of pure half and half. I don’t like the flavored creamers.

I have noticed that they keep putting less and less sugar in those little paper packets at places where you buy coffee. I used to get by with using 6 of them. Now it takes at least 8 and many times 10 to get it right. I do not like strong dark coffee either. I use the Walmart Great Value Donut Shop blend and it’s perfect for me. I have a $20 Mainstays knockoff Keurig type single serve brewer and it works great with exactly 8 oz. of water.
In tea I still put 2 spoons of sugar and a small amount of milk or half and half. Sometimes I use lemon juice instead of the creamer.
Iced tea absolutely has to have a lot of sugar and some lemon. I don’t like cold coffee.

@Boondock LOL the heart attack lets you know you are alive XD

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BLACK, just like my :black_heart: and soul. :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

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@Fluffergyrl 0.0 okay lil miss edge lord :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see… :wink:

From the hands of single mothers while their thirsty children look on and cry!

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Having kids is like going to prison for murder, 20 to life NTY I will stick to my coffee…