How do you stay positive?

I’ve had 5 or so keys deplete this week and each time I had to stop myself from going off at people over just random dumb mistakes or misspulls or avoidable deaths. It kind of breeds this system where I totally ignore anyone now with a lowish raider io because I just want my 15 done so I can stop doing this.

I dont understand why they purposely put a system in game that stresses people out and can cause really toxic behaviour.


Avoid Mythic+. It’s a dumpster fire and the people who do it for fun are :crazy_face:.



The only way to avoid stressing people out is to remove any and all challenge. The more challenging content is, the more likely people are going to stress over it and then get toxic when things don’t work as they want them to.

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Mythic+ wasn’t designed for pugs. Thats why you don’t see keys above 23s in LFG, and those that do have it require discord.

Stress is fun. The same way that running a race can be fun.

Also, you mention that you just want to get your 15 done. That means you don’t do it for fun.


Oh no way, I cant stand the content. It’s something I need to do weekly though to progress.

I understand that. Everyone has their own niche in the game and it sucks that we have to do content we don’t like. If you have a dps spec I’ll gladly help you get a 15 done for the week :slight_smile:

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Oh, I actually main spec UH I went Blood for a wq mythic. Im OCE though so if youre not worried about ping Id welcome the help.

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I don’t care about ping lol, send me some in game mail on this toon and I’ll respond as soon as I can! (Will probably head to bed soon. EST here >.<)

I’m going back and doing old content since I hate the current. But running old content is mind numbing when the mobs die in one hit… Mythic+ is nothing but a cesspool of toxicity.


I hope you’re kidding. We need the challenges to bring us together and improve ourselves.

It’s true… remove challenges, we get rid of stress… but we’re also loosing something important.

I think it’s important to consider how we handle failure. To the OP, I’d say not take these failures personally… these group events are group efforts… YOU may not have failed… the GROUP failed…

Consider playing with bad players an added handicap, an extra challenge… you’re playing on Hard mode… and if you succeed in a bad group it’s so much more satisfying… it’s a greater accomplishment.

I would play with people who are not prone to making as many mistakes and who are more on your same experience level with the game. I would find a good guild and other connections to make friends whom I could rely upon and play with them.

I feel these things would solve the problem of most dumb mistakes in Mythic+.

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I pug as a healer so the range of skill in groups is all over the place. If it’s a really bad group I just change my goals. Do something like try to beat my record for the most healing done in an instance.

I have no problem playing with anyone of any skill level. The problem comes from having my key downgraded constantly because of things completely out of my control.

Avoid PUGGING m+ with friends its great content with friends and guildmates, expect to fail, laugh and have fun.

I’d say do stuff with guildies.

We had what I would describe as a very depressing 12 WCM today. Basically a new guy with a 12 key wanted to do it the hard and long way.

The healer had only done a 3 before (which is while generally isn’t an issue, he was not getting enough throughput).

Did we die a lot? Yep but my guildies will be getting a sweet sweet 470 item in their weekly chest now and that’s what made it worth it.

It definitely helps to be with friends, you enjoy yourself a lot more and you’re far more likely to want to push through challenges.

My guild is dead and friends mostly stopped playing. I’ve been trying to join a new Guild recently. Hard to find one thats active on a low pop server like Barth though.

Excessive ellipses aside, I never said I wanted them to do so. He asked why they put in a system that stresses people out so I pointed out the only alternative with the hopes that he’d pick up on the implication that they didn’t want to do it.

Ahh yeah that’s a pooper.

I’m on a ‘High’ population server in Oceania which honestly feels like a low-medium equivalent of the US.

My original guild on my main have stopped for the rest of 8.3 but I found a new one to join on my DH and Monk. A gang of people that have returned to learn the game before the new expansion comes out (and we’re heroic proging already).

How do I stay positive? I don’t do M+ or raids. I have little desire to herd blind deaf cats.

Exactly why I’ve never done Mythic+ and never will.

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