How do you guys get weapons?

I recently leveled my rogue and started off as outlaw, but now i wanna transition over to assassin and try some sub. But i cant seem to get any daggers i changed my loot spec, and even then wq only drop fist weapons do i have to grind dungeons?

Did you cap your conquest on your rogue yet? If not, it awards a weapon that’s over 400 ilvl that way.

My other starting weapon for my rogue was from RNG in a random BG if I’m not mistaken that was 395? Not amazing, but better than nothing.

Kind of loathe how gear is acquired in PVP right now.


Check all of the world quests every day. There are usually a few each week that award weapons. Also watch the daily emissary quests for “weapon cache” rewards.

Check the Dungeon Journal to see which dungeons award daggers. There area also 1 or 2 daggers in current raid content.

There are many ways to get weapons. It’s all random, so you have to do as much of the content as you can.

There are 385 daggers for marks of honor and timewalking tokens. They’re not amazing, but they help get things started.

Where do you get these?

I got my off-hand from a WQ iirc and my main hand from an Emissary turn in. I know that Chronicler Toopa that hangs out in the main cities will sometimes offer quests that reward fairly good weapons.

Edit: I also suggest you spam the memories of fel, frost, and fire as the rewards at the end of each final boss gives good gear/weapons too.

Issue is, Rogues are the only ones to use agility based daggers. So the loot table for them is rather low. And unless you’ve got another Sin/Sub Rogue, you cant get anyone to loot them to trade for you either.

On my Rogue, I’ve gone 43 dungeons between weapons. And still going. Rocking a 430 and a 410 currently. It’s not fun. Lol