How do you get back to Mechagon?

I’m glad there’s a fast-travel option for the horde. Has anybody found something similar for alliance? Having to sit through a 5-10 minute flight anytime I want to get back to Mechagon is pretty frustrating.


yeah i went alllll over there today looking for one…sadly never found one any where…we hafta take the fp…and wait wait & wait till we land, lolol…no quick flights or portals for us i spose lol

Until someone finds one for Alliance, its just more horde favoritism.


This is why you should pay attention when questing. The goblin union rep captain that you made the deal with in Zandalaar who took you out there is how you get back and forth from Mechagon to Zandalaar. It’s similar to the way the docks work when you’re traveling between Zandalaar and Kul Tiras. No flight is required.

I don’t play alliance but I would guess it’s similar in however you unlocked it.

There is a teleport to mechagon past The Motherload!! entrance.

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Bingo. Right there. This is exactly why I hate not flying in BFA. You spend more time just staring at a screen when you don’t have control of your character than you do actually playing the game.

No flying is horrible. I won’t get the next expansion until close to the .2 patch.


There’s also a blueprint you can obtain for a teleport to the island. Ports you right to Rustbolt.


It’s hardly a “5 minute flight”.

Useless Troll

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If you are unsubbing over that, I hope to god you don’t intend to play classic…


OP doesn’t like the answers so he’s calling everyone fanboys and trolls. He keeps using that word…I’m not sure it means what OP thinks it means.

For me, it’s the west side :wink: I had to show some guildies too, this was not intuitive. Also, why no portal in the portal room? That’s weird considering they said the new portal room was there for a reason… but not for new zones? /baffled


No, they were calling you lazy for saying you were going to quit over it. There is a difference…

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Talk to Captain Krooz at Zuldazar Harbor

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It was a jab at OP’s insistence he’d quit over something as trivial as taking a flight path, especially considering there’s a much faster way of getting there.

I don’t expect everyone to be capable of grasping such subtle nuance though.

At the very least they should put a map marker where the boat is.


No one is. They are calling you out because you were going to rage quit over something like that. You already edited your post though taking that out.

Click your robotic shoes three times and say “There’s no place like Mechagon”.


Seriously though does Alliance have anything like the sub.

We can get the Ultrasafe Transporter: Mechagon but it costs a Spare Crate and 2 Energy cells to make 5 of them. Seems a wee bit unfair if Horde gets it for free.

Honestly it’s like Blizzard is just stupid about these things.


lol there is even a video showing horde have a guy they click, poof, they are there…and alliance takes a flight, lol.