How do you dps players have so many rounds played

32 min average queues consistently the last few days on my demonology warlock, which isn’t even a popular spec

you could not pay me enough to continue doing this

There’s so many ways to not sit through the queue as DPS kekw

other than qing 2s or something during it no, there isn’t, unless there’s some abusable crap i dont know about

love sitting a 35 min q for the healer to rage quit second round

I only q like once every month or 2.

what mmr? I havent sat longer than a 15 min q on my lock

1900 ive only played 9 shuffles on it so far

ye 1800-1900 is the msot densely populated bracket

Second monitor.


that doesn’t avoid sitting through a queue, you’re just doing things while in it

u should be hitting a workout in between queues.

i’m literally a greek god because i’ve waited for 5000 queues on brew


I’m in school and just study in-between queues lol get some good time in

Unemployment. Having thousands of shuffle rounds is not possible for a well adjusted human.


that’s a rude thing to say

Truth tends to hurt

it’s just rude is all
no nice person would say something so hurtful

It’s needed sometimes

but i forgive you both because i know you’re just hurting

No, no hurt on this side. Just truth

u hate to see others have fun, it’s so impossible to u that u think shuffle enjoyers can’t be well adjusted humans bc ur hurting

u need to get to the peak of serenity asap and begin meditating. i will show u the way if u let me in


create a brewmaster