How do you do Shadow AOE?

I’m trying to do keys but my AoE damage is atrocious. Single target is fine but whenever I deal with large groups i literally get so flustered and I’m just mashing a bunch of buttons to try to do some damage. Is there ana ctual system to shadow aoe that would be the best? I’ve tried casting vampiric touch on all the targets then cast Mindsear with searing nightmare and it’s like all the mobs are almost dead by the time im mass dotting with VT and my dps is poop.

how on earth do i do shadow aoe???

Yeah depending on the groups dps will depend how many i VT. If its very good then its 1 VT, shadow crash into searing etc or mind bender, swd mb etc depending on whats up.

Shadow AoE is a pain. Not because it’s bad number wise, but there’s so many things you have to do to figure it out, and you have to do that all on the fly. 2 targets is a different rotation than 4 which is different than 8. Targets that last 5 seconds is different than 20 seconds. Rotation when your CD is up is different than when it’s down. Etc. Figuring out what’s optimal takes a lot of on-the-fly adjustment and thinking, and even then, you still have a long ramp up, have to be stationary, etc.

Every class has to make these decisions to some extent, but it’s so much worse for spriests than most others. By comparison, on, say, a demo lock, it’s as simple as 2+ mobs? Implosion every X imps. On a moonkin, it’s as simple as 2+ mobs? Prioritize lunar eclipse over solar, and starfall instead of starsurge. On ele, it’s as simple as 2+ mobs? Earthquake instead of earth shock, CL instead of LB (and at a point drop flame shock/lava burst).

I get making AoE more than spam X (even if several classes can just spam a single skill, cough destro cough), but for spriests, it’s a level of convolution that’s just ridiculous.

You dont :frowning: