How do you complete quests in bfa dungeons?

Here says defeat yazma, queued in serhraliss defeated yazma and the mission is not done.
One way i am sure that works is entering the dungeon alone but is to hard.

I’m assuming you’re talking about a world quest that popped up on your map over the dungeon? If that’s the case they’re designed so you also have to complete the entire dungeon through the last boss in order to finish the quest. This is so people don’t bail on groups after they kill the target of the quest.

First things first: Sethraliss? I am thinking you are talking about Temple of Sethraliss which is the dungeon in Voldun. Yazma, a boss in the dungeon Atal Dazar in Zuldazar. Basically Yazma is not in Sethraliss.

Secondly, some of the dungeon world quests will require you to simply defeat a boss already needed for the dungeon completion. Other quests will require you to collect items or kill “special” mini boss not on the direct path through the dungeon. You will need to ask kindly if the others would like to also complete the world quest if the latter is the case. You could also ask friends who would like to do the world quest to form a party with you or form a pre-made group yourself. Just some options for you. :smiley: Good luck to you!