How Do You BEAT Conch in Naz?


Ikky is the go too pet for killing Legendary pets! Gotta catch him now, pokeikky!


Not for this guy…

Conch blocks flock.

But I ended up figuring it out though. I used shift before going straight for the meteor strike with my Twilight pet. That worked. Barely. But it worked. Now I’m at 90% completion with Waveblade :slight_smile:


A variety of them on this site.

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If you don’t have Ikky, there are other pets that have the same abilities, or very similar.

The Zandalari Anklerender, for example, also has Black Claw and Hunting Party, which is the same as Flock.

In any event, OP, check out and read the comments - there are always heaps of suggested teams there and one of them will suit you depending on what pet teams you have. And good luck :upside_down_face:


I think i beat all pets except Kelpstone with 2 explode pets and Baa’l

Attack > explode (40%hp) > attack > explode (40% hp) > Murder the innocent (30% hp)

Baa’l requires a lot to get though, so this strat may not be for every on.

Kelpstone was done with Unborn Valkyr, Ikky, and Boneshard

Unborn Valkyr: Doom > Haunt > boneshard: Blistering cold > chop > Bonestorm (Boneshard dies) > Ikky: Black claw > Flock

Both strats i found on battlepet guides


I did some explosions on him and then just found some hard hitting anti-water options from there.


But a flying pet is defensively superior to a aquatic boss.


This is your second post on this in less than 24 hours. I gave you my no fail option and will post it again for you.
Giant Opaline Conch and Pearlhusk Crawler.

Pearlhusk Crawler: Nether Fairie, Iron Starlette and any pet (I used Direbeak). Start with Nether Fairie (moonfire, arcane blast, arcane blast, life exchange, arcane blast, arcane blast, die) bring in Iron Starlette and do power ball then explode. If not dead then use pounce from Diebeak. Done.

Giant Conch: Iron Starlette, Darkmoon Zep and Chrominius. Start with Iron Starlette (windup, windup, explode) Bring in Zep and exploade. Bring in Chrominuis and use howl then surge of power. Done.

Hasn’t failed yet.

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Sebulba always wins!


Except I don’t have a level 25 Darkmoon Zep OR a Chrominius. Hence the post. I apologize for posting again, but I wanted to nail this creature before the Darkmoon Faire was up. In either case, if you see my post above, I ended up figuring it out via trial and error. Still, I do appreciate your suggestions! :slight_smile:


The zep you can buy with tokens at the fair. Chrominius is fairly cheap on the AH. It is pet week so take advantage of that. With pet treats and your hat you can level them both to 25 in two days.

Also wow head has numerous others strats. It is an excellent resource and one I would encourage you to use first.

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That may be true but Ive never had any problems with the anklerender. However if you have Ikky he is defensibly better.


I would say 99% of PVE pet fights are easy if you check out wow-petguide . com
The 1% being unexpected crit or very rare random enemy skill sequence.

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I used unborn Valkyr, lil’ deathwing, and iron starlette.

killed with iron starlette.

Valkyr Curse, and spam damage until dead, then sacrifice

deathwing elementium, roll, tail sweep dead

starlette wind up x2

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I never would have guessed Ikky would be so powerful. I had dozens of them in WoD that I deleted. Now they are in AH for tons of gold


Google XUFU - bookmark first entry :slight_smile:

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Birds and Magic are the best pets to use against Aquatic pets - birds because of their strike bonus and magic because of their defensive bonus. Ikky is also good because it has extra damage on top of its natural strike bonus and its flock has multiple strikes. So yes, its a nice pet for these particular pet fights.

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We call that a “Tilde” actually. The grave accent marker is a diagonal dash sort of like a backslash \ .

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I used only whelpling, skyfin juv, and a bilescourge.


Iron starlette: windup windup explode
Any pet with explode: another mech or i used a minfernal to avoid a 1 shot
Any pet with predatory strikes.

Win and profit.