How do we reproduce now?

With all the valkyrie gone and sylvanas staying in the shadowlands. We effectively have no leader, and now way to increase our numbers. Sylvanas made a good point in cataclysm. Without a way to replenish our numbers we will slowly die out. We may not die from age but there is always conflict in Azeroth. Even if we make peace with the alliance there will still be things that reduce our numbers over time. We are a race we don’t deserve to die out. But raising fully sentient undead is not easy task and we wouldn’t trust most necromancers because if they’re powerful enough to do that they’re also powerful enough to seize control of our minds and bodies like Arthas did. It’s a precarious situation.

If we CAN find a way to raise the dead the logical course of action to ethically reproduce in return to life various mortal races of azeroth who have died and give them a choice: A second chance at life as a forsaken, or back to the grave. That seems perfectly ethical. Everyone we encounter will be given a second chance and they are free to reject it if they so please.

But the core question remains. Bolvar could’ve potentially been an answer but he is no longer lich king either. And… I think some might not feel too happy about another lich king raising the dead even with different motives. In legion the knights of the ebon blade were able to resurrect folks as death knights which I believe takes a lot more oomph than being resurrected as a typical undead. Still the ebon blade are their own people doing their own thing. I doubt they’ll want to be roaming the land resurrecting the dead.

Perhaps we could turn to engineering. Create a device, a form of technology that can raise the dead with their minds intact without being able to enthrall them. But is that even possible and where would we start? I suppose we have the time. We aren’t going extinct any time soon but I believe our culture is worth preserving.


they should remove undead as a playable race. and kill them off where they cant be undead again. they are an atrocity and must be extinguished. they go against the laws of nature.


Honestly, unless you start Lightforging the dead like Calia, then the Forsaken’s days are numbered. Provided the writing team doesn’t pull something out of their bag of possible retcons.


Embrace the light or whatever. The Draenei can help pump corpses full of light for you. Otherwise accept your fate and your status. Undeath is an unnatural state of being that has caused nothing but misery and destruction on Azeroth.


Yep. Y’all are screwed.


no they have calia

Paladins, Shaman, and Druids, let us close in on the undead abominations and finish them off once and for all.


But i don’t think all the val’kyr are gone. The specific nine assigned to Sylvanas are gone but the maw is still full of mawsworn kyrian. Sylvanas won’t be sending any of them your way though. That part of her is gone forever. She will be “releasing” any she finds.

Maybe we will bring back some knowledge from the Maldraxxi. They seem to have no problem reassembling people.


I’m sure Blizzard can change the number of Val’kyr left to give the Forsaken a few to keep their numbers up

I miss the good old days when ‘how can we make even more undead?’ wasnt something the Forsaken would ever even consider.


I think that will be cleared up soon,op.

Recruit from the scourge?


No. The Forsaken have a 100% free will now. That is a very small % of the total undead population though. But you do not need a leader to make more of you or to control you the way the majority of the Zerg do in StarCraft or how the Flood do in Halo.

If you follow the cannon lore there are actually some undead still being made, they are just being risen is all. Not actually created. So being “made”

Very few and far between without a good leader to it. With Sylvannas gone, the dreadlords to guide. There is still a Lich King. He can raise the dead in the area and set them free to join the Horde.

Just take some old contacts in the scourge im sure they will be willing to help yall with all those 4th war raw material laying down.

You’ll just gotto throw in some sugar, spice, and everything nice and ofc some chemical X to make new baby forsaken.


Unless blizzard clarifies something I’m afraid y’all may be done. Guess your gravestones will read “RIP…again”

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Forsaken reproduce through the playerbase. I’m sorry to say but it is the only way.


You already died so I don’t see the big deal

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This was actually talked about in the Before the Storm book. That maybe the Forsaken as a race should die out. You got your second chance and maybe that should be enough. Especially now that we know the Afterlife is an actual place.

Having said that, such a scenario would only ever occur at the end of Warcraft proper. In the mean time if Blizzard wanted a story reason to “have new forsaken”. That is actually quite easy, move the Forsaken to Northrend. We know the Scourge will always be a minor threat, meaning there will always be new freed Scourge.

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