How do people turn off war mode off in combat

Happened a few times I was doing the spark quest. You fight someone and if they are about to die they just turn off war mode. How?

You’re fighting on the edge of a FFA area and they run away from you across the boundary, so revert to non-attackable because they’re actually the same faction as you?

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in town you can do it. there is a on and off switch. i choose off to play safe to refrain cheaters from pvp server cross realms. most people do not like world pvp. it is annoying. it bothers people with boredom.

I was able to attack them in the same area where I wasn’t able to attack other players from my faction, until I wasn’t. In some cases they did run a bit but in some cases they just turned off war mode while standing still.

they may have taken a que pop

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Could be queue they accepted and left, could be lucky/unlucky phasing

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There was an entire group that was doing this repeatedly. They would attack someone and if they started to lose they would turn war mode off instantly.

Warmode can be disabled by entering any resting area in the world ie. an “inn”.
It can only be enabled in Stormwind/Orgimmar or Valdrakken

Well, you can’t just “turn off War Mode instantly.”

Can you explain what happened and where you were at? What zone were you in, where specifically, and did the people become unattackable or did they just disappear and vanish?

I would also ask…

If you have nameplates shownw, do they turn Orange?

I’ve seen this happen in two ways in wpvp.

For the first I’ll use an example. Let’s say one is being chased by 4 angry bot farmers, a couple rets and mm hunters for instance, down by Iskaara because you continually have blown up their farming ball at the Gorlock place (after reporting, of course). As soon as you enter Iskaara, even in combat, everyone is frens. In fact, you can even jump in and out of the friend zone for some extra kills if one were inclined and the bot farmers foolish.

The second way I have seen this is near the WPvP quests where everyone is flagged. There is some sort of flag that sticks for a bit and there may have been a time or two where I opened on a friend at let us say a supply drop because they were red and then they were not. I have /whispers turned off so I assume they were cool with it. Though, there has been /1 drama which is always kinda funny, cause ya just gotta ask if WPvP happened? Maybe it did…

I have also seen people hold an instance Q, engage, and then depending on how well or poorly it quickly unfolds, take the Q. But that is not what you are seeing, I think.

Have fun. Q for some normal/epic bgs and get it on.

This is insane, is a really design problem. People just wait for their cd, one shot someone and run to the “safe zone” to repeat the cycle.

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The issue is that unless you are already familiar with the areas, it isn’t obvious that you’ve entered a FFA area. There is no visible border, so you don’t know if you’re far enough in for you have a buffer to chase them to secure a kill.

You cannot turn it off in combat and a non-rested area. You can however evade by taking a que or by getting invited to another realm/shard. There are also phase lines that you can go back and forth on. In my opinion, these options are very cheeky and trollish.

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It’s a problem with phasing or something of the sort. You’ll see players constantly disappear and reappear and it’s got something to do with their CRZ technology and is easily the worst aspect of this game imo.

The best one I’ve heard is hopping on Nessingwary’s wagon in azure span after the gank or when you’re about to lose. Now that’s a getaway!

If it’s instant, it’s probably what folks mentioned, where someone was in full on tunnel vision and didn’t realize/understand that he was attacking a same faction player in a FFA zone. If you leave it, there’s a certain window of time that’s pretty small that will revert to non-attackable no matter what; in combat, almost dead, whatever.

This is quite often entertaining, because it frequently occurs when you glider away or kite away from the quest area and end up with a chaser. He either will get saved by the bell like that OR he will insinuate that you cheated since he can’t interpret/comprehend what happened :slight_smile:

All I ask is if you end up with a crate in the FFA zone, pay attention, and win the crate and then you can go back to your tunnel vision “red is dead” fantasy land.

Good times :slight_smile:

a player was not being nice to me. i just a lock a person who is abusing me just now. so i reported the cheater. it was not tolerated.

I have zero clue what you just said. Do you want to try that again?