How do I stop being forced to fight with hands?

In the middle of a fire fight with three mobs the game decides to drop using the weapon and make me fight with my hands. WHAT BLIZZARD MORON PROGRAMMED THAT FEATURE?
How do i stop the game from dropping the weapon to fighting with fists??

Try a weapon chain


Level up your hand to hand. Try using a weapon chain if it bothers you that much.

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What class are you? What level?

It’s called Disarm
Depending on your class, you can also disarm mobs.

It exists in retail also

I laugh a little every time a mob disarms me in cat form.


and bear

Im like, umm that all you got?
My paws are still here bud

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[1] Are you in the right forum? This is the classic forum.

[2] What moron? Larry. Larry programmed that feature. But Larry didnt decide that feature should be in the game. Tom did. It’s all Tom’s fault. Blame Tom (who left Blizzard in 2007).

[3] The feature is called “disarm”. My hunter has a weapon that (when it procs) disarms mobs I am fighting. That is a big advantage. Some mobs do it a lot, making them harder to kill. Most mobs never do it. It’s a skill in the game.

[4] The game has an item called a “weapon chain” that blacksmith’s craft. You can apply a weapon chain to your weapon to reduce any mobs ability to disarm you.

[5] Your use of the word “being forced” is pure BS. Disarming is part of armed combat. If you CHOOSE to do any armed combat in this game, it is there. Nobody is forcing you to play. But nobody is going to design a special game, just for you, that leaves out features you don’t like.


Have you considered that you’re simply playing the wrong game?

You do realize that being “disarmed” is an actual thing in the real world as well, right?

And you’re calling other people “morons…”

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Note that the OP is playing a monk, which (in theory) should actually welcome the chance to fight with his hands!


I thought monks fought with their hands?

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They do in Scarlet Monestary
They hurt too