How do i start the legion quest line?

this character had the 110 boost applied to it and I cannot figure out how do I start the quest chain for Legion? i want to unlock the allied tauren race so i need to do the quests in highmountain but have no idea how to start them :frowning: can someone please help?

sorry, this is my character with the boost applied…
someone told me to speak to captain Russo by the dock outside org but he is not there

Go to Orgrimmar front gate, log out, log in, legion opening questline should pop up.

just tried, did not work

Could try going to your garrison in Draenor. It might cause the quest to pop up.

You should have a dalaran hearth stone when you boost? I think it starts when you hearth there. That or garrison has a quest that takes you to Dalaran.

This is the correct answer. In your new 110 bags you should have a broken isles survival kit… click that and it will give you several items. One of them being your dalaran hearthstone. click that and walk forward just a bit so you’re on the main road that runs around dalaran. You should see your quest giver show up pretty quickly.