How do I request my account be deleted?

(Tholin) #28

You do what you need to do.

I suggest taking up a hobby as a replacement. Maybe something to keep your hands busy, needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting/crochet, scrapbooking, whatever. I knit and the repetitive movement of my hands and the focus on the craft has a very real calming effect.

Good luck to you!

(Hockeybalboa) #29

Thank you for throwing your self on the sword and giving us the butchered version of flight acquisition we have.

Your sacrifice will be remembered…

(Paladina) #30

Deleting your account will not stop you from playing wow again should you feel the desire again.


You could just delte all your toon.
You may only undelete one in 30 days.
Do all then undelete one. Then delete it.
You got 30 days to think about it.


lol good luck, I see now why Blizzard implemented the character boosts

(Cyniel) #33

How ‘Male Human Paladin’ of you.

(Missqqmoar) #34

It may as well have :sob:

(Hockeybalboa) #35

Pot calling the kettle black.


Does deleting your account delete your forum account as well? Like posts and trust level?

(Yasudra) #37

I’ve never witnessed someone committing suicide, but it feels like this is NOTHING like that.


Do it OP! Break the chains that bind you! Don’t let Blizzard control you and pull you back! Don’t think about it, just do it!


If you think you had any effect on flying whatsoever you’re deluded. The ones that made the difference were the ones who canceled subs or simply logged on less and less. (The ones they still had a chance to win over and were at risk of losing)

A company will often bend over backwards to save failing customer relationships, but once you’re gone, so is their interest in you.

(Ravens) #40

obviously this user is just baiting for attention… first post was over 4 hours ago, yet still making replies many hours after the first post… clearly isn’t serious about deleting their account otherwise they’d of done so by now as soon as the link was provided.


My WoW posts from last decade are long gone so what’s the difference?

(Kypookins) #42

Don’t do it, man.

I never deleted my EQ account, as far as I know it still exists. I also never went back, once I was in the Wow Vanilla Beta.

But I always had the OPTION to go back, if somehow EQ suddenly became amazing (instead of failing, then being sold off to some third party.)

You could do this, then Wow could be wonderful next expansion.


Never delete your account. You can just leave it alone until later.

(Åumar) #44

Never delete your accounts as you will honestly regret it.

(Vãrick) #45

I understand where you’re going, but lets not trivialize suicide by comparing it to a few bucks worth of data.


I did it, and I don’t regret it. I had an active account since 2006 and flushed it down the toilet. I don’t give a damn about some silly achievements or pixels. It’s a game. None of the stuff in your account matters. The memories of the game are never lost.

I wiped the account because I wanted to wipe the slate clean. It a refreshing feeling.


…No, it doesn’t.

Don’t say ridiculous things.