How do I beat mages in pvp?


I noticed their blink timer is faster than my intercept so even if I get my initial charge in, they nova blink sheep, I wait for sheep to break and intercept and these lil dudes blink again. What is this!?


“The only way to win is not to play the game.”


Well this is hard since every caster I see in the open world is a mage


Thanks, I just lost the game.


pvp isn’t balanced on 1v1


Getting to lvl 60 would be a start.


Roll gnome, equip your pvp trinket, and be an engineer.

Or get a pocket pally.


Keep playing until BWL comes out, get Ashkandi, hope you get a lucky sword proc crit and 1 shot the mage.

  1. You don’t.

  2. They are bad and ‘let’ you kill them.


Beating any mage as a warrior is intentionally difficult, and without decent gear, a pvp trinket, and some consumables (such as free action potion), it is impossible to beat a skilled mage. With those things, and with a little luck or some mage misplays, it’s possible. But don’t go looking for a 1v1 with a mage.


Get a paladin to dispel you and get hand of freedom on you


Ah, easy solution, reroll priest.


Unfortunately, if us warriors are rock, mages are paper.

You’re going to need to either FAP or have your pvp trinket and learn when to use it. Wait for them to nova you, then immediately trinket and force them to blink.

Use intercept and you’ll have a 25 second (21 if improved) window to hurt them as much as possible before you get rooted again. If you didn’t kill them in that time, that’s essentially all she wrote.

And this is if the mage is BAD. If they have any brains they’ll just sheep you/cold snap and reset the fight.


As a warrior? You dont if they have 2 brain cells to rub together.


Free action potions. If you don’t have them, you will lose.


As intended, it’s a rock, paper, scissors thing. Mages are squishy and need lots of mana. A mage without mana is a dead mage. If you want a better chance to kill a mage with your warrior, level up engineering.


This. You’ll be able to beat most mages with a free action potion. You’re dead 1v1 99% of the time without a FAP.


Warrior in my guild walks around with Bonereavers Edge and FAPs and quite literally runs through everything that isnt plate in about 1-3 hits.

Could try doing that :sunglasses:


As a Warrior they need to be bad, out of mana or you need to catch them with low HP in between Cds…


Reminded of this every time I am stunlocked to death on my Warlock by a Rogue. Not even the PvP trinket for Warlocks can’t get us out of stun.