How do bear thrash stacks work?

How do bear thrash stacks work with buffs. Are the stacks buffed independently or does the last stack affect all of them. As in… I get a proc and I have 2 stacks does the proc only affect the last stack or apply to the first 2 as well? If they are about to fall off and I’m in berserk and I get a buff, would it be better to let them fall off and reapply?

Not worth even thinking about is the short answer. Thrash on CD will keep it maxed on everything.

I’m not 100% on this, but it seems the number actually goes up on the stack. I believe the damage is increased by 100% of the bleed and the duration reset. So if you have 1 stack then go to 2, the damage is doubled on the DoT and the full time is reset.

I know that if a dot has a certain amount of time on it and you re-apply it, the time will be added to the new dot. I’m not sure how that applies to stacks though.

Last stack affects them all. And each new application of the stack resets the timer. Also affected by pandemic windows

So just thrash away and don’t let them drop. You let them drop, you lose the whole lot of the stacks

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