How Different Will Fresh Be?

Lets say hypothetically fresh classic similar to 2019 happens sometime in the near future - how different do you think the experience will be compared to 2019?

I cant really say with confidence, but i would predict that there would be more casual friendly guilds compared to 2019. A lot of what 2019 was felt more like a hardcore run since it was the first time since 2004 that Blizzard officially released vanilla. A lot of people who had played private servers had been on top of it and ready to ace 2019 classic. Since classic has been out for awhile now, and the current progressive classic is already half way through wrath, maybe this time there could be more casual guilds who play the game a bit slower and with a loose mindset. Even if blizzard removes world buffs in BGs and raids, or if they add more challenge to raids, or change the PvP systems; i just have this weird gut feeling that Classic 2023(4?) would be more casual in population.

I am not even that confident saying that. I could also imagine it going the oppsite direction. What do you think?

I think far, far, far fewer people would be playing.


That is very fair. The population would definitely be smaller than that of 2019. Probably by at least a fifth, if not, smaller.

Likely true but it may have no net effect. How many realms were released in 2019? Divide that by the population difference and each realm will “feel” is they did then but with, I’m inclined to agree with you here, a population more interested in immersion, a healthier pace of play, and less hasty to clear each phase.

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I could see it going that way.
Because this is kinda how era feels at the moment.

2019 classic launch was a rat race to MC.

Sorry I don’t understand the Fresh mindset, why not just pick an era realm and play?


This has been hashed out ad nauseam, but many find it much more engaging to create a new toon in a phase 1 realm and grind along with the rest of the poor sots.


Man…if only I could pull a F R E S H restart on my wife.

Sorry hun, you’re getting a little “long in the tooth”. Gonna have to F R E S H you back to when we first met.


Well it will be really cool for those who want to experience raiding with pre-raid bis mc and bwl and zg again. But once aq40 rolls its head the draw of fresh will slow down, when everyone has to farm elemental earth and herbs for the harder bosses then it will be a worse version of vanilla era.

That has already happened. I think there will be 1-2 hardcore mode servers which is what they are doing now. But I think that if they released any of the following as something which would happen after era ends people would flock to it: a pre-tbc fresh server, a fresh server which will rotate through the expansions possibly to cata, and a server which will eventually go to plus aka not turtle wow. But nostalgia is a hell of a drug as we have seen in wrath and having four or five different versions of wow is really something most people I know want.

I am still trying to figure out WHEN does “FRESH” become unfresh, unfun and no longer worth playing by the Fresh crowd. Is it still “FRESH” if it is low population or if you didn’t make it on day 1.

It wont be different. That’s part of the joke.

It will just be history repeating itself. Again.


The gdkp and bots are already reinfesting era so im inclined to say nothing will change

Honestly I’d love for them to do a season in which gdkp wasnt allowed. Would be hilarious seeing all the gdkp defenders seeing the fresh servers with half (or less) the amount of bots because 1/10th of the players would be buying gold without gdkp.


Tru, though I will certainly be playing it myself with my friends.

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Casual? No. Less Sweaty yes.

I don’t see anyone slowing down their gameplay and not optimizing the game when given free reign to do it. If anything it will be even more goal oriented as someone who mained a mage may want to level a Warrior and for a specific reason.

However, I think from years of people playing WOW, people will be on average “better” than 2019 and know what they’re getting into. There will be less of a need to gatekeep end content, though certain parts like PVP ranking and top raiding guilds will be exclusive.

Overall, I think it will be better though, at least for a while.

There will not be another fresh.

Different as in what? There will be less players than 2019, but there will be more players than som/era. I know a ton of ppl who didn’t play som/era and are waiting on a good fresh. It’s had time to simmer and not be around and people are itching for it.

Will it have 12 populated servers? Likely not. Will blizzard do those tournaments again? I doubt it. Will it be casual or hardcore? It’ll be both again. Culture also depends on how many big streamers are playing. If asmongoloid plays it again you can bet there will be at least 5000 drones following him on his server

I don’t get it either.
They are on a different spectrum I guess.

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In my experience its when AQ opens.


If you aren’t the fresh type of guy then don’t play it.

Fresh players have their own reasons for it which are obviously different than yours

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I am naturally curious about other people’s motivations, that is why I am engaged in the discussions on this topic. I am also a great fan of the GENRE of MMORPGs (since Pre-CU SWG) thus I enjoy the discussion about the genre on an intellectual level.

IF Blizzard stopped progression on a Classic WoW server pre- AQ, would it chug along in perpetuity?