How could a monk to swim faster?

i’ve been doing some quests for the epicurean walrus people and they require swimming
my swimming is slow - after zooming around the skies: base level swimming makes me sad
I know there have been various aquatic mounts (and one that can walk on water) over the years but I have no idea which ones are restricted to certain areas nor which might actually be acquired quickly.

What is the easiest way for me to acquire faster swimming (and / or water walking) and avoid developing a resentment for the walrus-folk?

For water walking, you just need a piece of mount equipment to allow (most) of your mounts to gain the ability. (Certain special mounts like the Sky Golem don’t work with mount equipement.) It’s a pretty simple system. You obtain the mount equipment, the put it in the slot in your mount list.

If you didn’t do the Angler’s (MoP) or Nat Pagel (WoD) rep grinds, then the easiest way is probably going to be buying Inflatable Mount Shoes from the AH.

The Water Walking mounts (the striders) no longer have that ability, but if you had one of them, you can buy the much cheaper Angler’s Water Striders from Nat Pagel that does the same thing as the Inflatable Mount shoes. (That was basically put in to placate the people who had done the grind for one of the water walking mounts when they removed the base ability.)

there are also alchemists swim speed potions available.