How come Worgens don't transform

Into a regular wolf like those Twilight Wolves for Running Wild racial???

If you’re familiar with Werewolf lore, there is a difference in levels of transformation and a pure wolf is one of them. :wolf:

I think it would be pretty cool to have that as an option, along with tails. :blush:


Worgen shaman?


Worgen Druids should certainly have wolf forms. A normal wolf for feral, and a dire wolf for guardian.


Spirit form, its different my friend.

This, so much this :point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3:


Name one famous Werewolf with a tale.

Name one famous Werewolf without one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

THIISS please i would main druid forever!


Running wild runs the same as RL rabbits, and nothing like wolves.

Dr. Henry Jekyll had quite the interesting tale, written by Robert Louis Stevenson.


With tail, John talbane - darkstalkers series

Without tail, Zach galifianakis, Hangover series


This actually makes a ton of sense when you realize the original form which the curse originates from is an actual wolf… therefore any Worgen Druid SHOULD be able to complete the transformation… the issue is just the level of control over the transformation for most Worgen.


Well isn’t that the great thing about Human Worgens, they’ve learned to control the rage and far better capable than the Elves at it?

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It’d be neat if there was at least a glyph for it.

But then Blizzard would have to remember that glyphs exist.


I’d be happy if the animation wasn’t the same as a frog.

Edit: Found the perfect gif of a frog “running wild”


Why don’t the Venthyr shimmer with glitter in sunlight like the vampires in Twilight? Because it’s stupid that’s why… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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…but they shouldn’t because that’s how they got into that mess in the first place.

Because unlike twilight “werewolves”. We have dignity.

Though I do think it a missed opportunity to have worgen druids feral form be a dire wolf rather then a cat…

Sadly, there is no dignity in running wild. Particularly if you’re female. :face_with_peeking_eye:

At the time it was “cat form” not “feral.” The KT feral form shows it could be a wolf though.

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Tbh playing a female worgen before they finally got facial reconstruction surgery not to look like a Chihuahua that was hit by the ugly bus was indignant enough lol
I suppose a dire wolf form glyph would be nice to change the running wild to at least give the option is always welcomed for more customization.

The thing is that Worgen form is ‘the forbidden druid form’ and druids of the pack lost control and attacked both sides in the War of the Satyr. If you run around ValSharah you’ll eventually find Nelf druids trapped in their Worgen Form which you can just pop out of it with the Scythe of Elune for a tiny bit of AP and a one line ty text.

So… Worgen form is already a druid form, and it’s disappointing that druids don’t have the option to take it, especially when the artifact weapon is one of the actual things that are supposed to let you take that form in the first place.

I get that modern Worgen are the result of a curse and all that… (the old ‘A Wizard Did It’ justification) but it’s totally a druid thing as well.