How come so few servers originally?

Everybody (myself included) complained that the very few original servers they had decided on was way not enough. They’ve since added over 20 new servers. How come Blizzard didn’t listen originally?

Because they still thought we didn’t.


im assuming they wanted a ball park number with the name reservations and a lot of people didnt do that. So on launch a ton of people hopped on and tried to play.

Thats just a guess but even then i would think they would have more servers to begin with. Im not that worried about it though, it will even out.

they took a page out of the EA playbook, except they managed to make it worse lul

Funny because everyone was saying that most people were waiting for actual launch and weren’t subbed for the name reservation. People kept saying this and Blizzard did not listen.

Desire to see this fail so that they can think BFA is good.

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Because when the people who can’t handle pre-cata gameplay and questing quit, there will be a lot of servers needing people to fill them and it really would not look for blizzard good to merge servers on classic any time soon

That doesn’t explain how GROSSLY few servers there were. I understand keeping them lean and healthy. But it was GROSSLY under expected. They should have had minimum 15 NA servers to start. How they rolled it out is terrible. Stop trying to defend terrible decisions.

I’m quoting the game director.

Doesn’t explain how they failed to adequately predict demand.

It does actually. You just disagree.