How can so many ppl be bad at destro?

When I do viewer games it’s not uncommon I pick up destros Around 1800cr-2000cr

I hate doing these…because they tend to do 11-12k dps and I tend to beat them on damage with my gushing set and heal 10 min games that are just terrible

Maldiva applies and we do some games. He is literally pumping 43-46k dps a game lol

We even beat the godly petkick running hpal dk but only because he was quen with the boosted r1 pally spaceRAT.

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I think it’s because Destro elevates them out of their knowledge of the game. They’ve gotten to where they’re at with minimal understanding of enemy CDs and basic game knowledge.

So in theory, you’re actually playing with 12-1500 brain players outside of their lane. So when they run into people that actually know what they’re doing, they fall apart and how they normally do things doesn’t work.


Also you screaming they’re terrible probably doesn’t help.


Remember when I one shot you and then you got so heated, that when I tried to explain the build and how bad it actually is, you banned me from your chat? Those were the days


Biggest difference for me is comparing lock damage when they’re being trained. It’s easy to do damage when you’re untouched but I find the difference to be who can create pressure while they’re also being pressured.

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You are playing with ppl who dont no life pvp dude.

Ive been a pvper for years but atm have no idea about all the different cd’s from each class. Some ppl know every ability from every class, what it does and how long thr cd and duration is.

Last night i was asking my Hpal about his abilities and ehat they do (excluding bubble and bop ofc)

I just never cared enough to study it all and learn it.

Lots of casuals playin man. Shadow lands will chsnge this, pvp will be dead

Dude your char is uggly af.


Agree. Especially against double mongo melee

This also takes help from team mates. Because if you dont get a kill with your coil, stun infernal gear combos you are sitting their either waiting on team mates to help peel or waiting on your cc’s again.

You jelly of my mythic lewts mr 6/12 heroic?

You jealous that he got Duelist on a class that isn’t the training wheels drooling brain damaged monkey spec that Destro is in both 2s and 3s?


Nope. I didnt even try and snagged duelist for the first time ever. :wink:

Not bad for someone who just casually plays to cap my gamer

He thinks having done a few bosses in mythic when the expansion is almost over and the raid is basically trivial content considering corruptions and gear makes him something “to be jelly” of lol, megacringe.

Perfect example of destro players.


You seem like the type of person who puts in minimal effort to anything - hobbies, games, schooling, career - and then you complain when you aren’t successful or competitive.


make affliction great again!

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Yeh you sound like a downright window licker dude.

That 'mog looks hot!

You complained about getting to duelist for awhile about not being able to get there. While also having people explain how to play and fix your issues for you.

You tried
It took awhile
It was your first time.
Nothing to be ashamed of but don’t down play it


Murk: “I don’t even know about hardly any classes abilities or cds. I don’t take PvP seriously.”

Also Murk: States opinions on competitive PvP (constantly defends destro).

Murk: ‘Defends destro in every post.’

Also Murk: ‘I got duelist as a huge casual without even trying, but lock is fine.’

You’re truly an anomaly.


anomaly is the would i was thinking of

So his looks hot even tho its missing shoulders and helm, looks basic AF…