How can alliance reach Korrak in time? (anniversary quest)

(Nahelia) #5

You really can’t. Even using gliders and faster mount speed, Korrak is generally dead before I can even get to the hill. Not even just tagged, straight up already dead.

Definitely needs some sort of change if Alliance are to ever finish that quest.


blizz wants you to relive AV by only playing horde

(Darkwaver) #7

This is just terrible. I have got into 3 of these and the whole horde team is on that hill before alliance even touches it. Pathetic design for this quest.


This is also what would happen if you could get the mount from winning classic AV. Everyone not able to log onto a horde alt to play would lose out. :laughing:

(Sockshock) #9

Wouldn’t it be better to arrive second? That way while the Horde is fighting him you roll up and smash them.

Thats what has happened to my groups lately, and I’m not even trying for the quest.


Just wanted to share a couple of updates that went live yesterday:

  • Korrak won’t spawn for 2 minutes so that should give both factions time to get there.
  • Korrak’s health has been increased by about 60% so there is additional time to battle over the tap.



Good idea his hp was super low, low enough that 2-3 ppl could kill him really quickly.

(Sockshock) #13

So now the Horde has time to slay the Alliance before we start on him?


(Dosao) #14


(Kaelon) #15

Have you considered putting him on a respawn timer? Maybe have him pop every 20 minutes? This would ensure that one/each side has a chance to kill him at least once.


yes this please, cause once he dies you can see atleast 10 people leave cause there is no reason to stay now that hes dead.

(Imgonnacritu) #17

A tip. Korrak is also a quest mob for the Ring of Blood style quest in Zul’Drak. If you haven’t done it, you can go do it and get credit. Alternatively, if someone else is doing it, you just have to get a tag on it and you credit.

(Ryudaraku) #18

Can you also maybe bump the Badges for completing (both winning and losing) by a large amount.

It is sort of pathetic that you get more progress on the mount for killing Korrak than you do winning the entire Battleground.


Is this true!? That’s hilarious.

(Sockshock) #20

Going to check right now. Give me 10 minutes.

(Imgonnacritu) #21

It is. I had my friend do it last night who was complaining about not being able to get the quest done in AV. Unless it’s been silently hotfixed.

(Sockshock) #22

I can confirm, killing Korax in the Amphitheater works.
Screenshot before killing Korax in Zuldrak.
Screenshot after killing Korax in Zuldrak.

(Imgonnacritu) #23

Aight blizz, I’ll take my payroll as a game developer now :joy:


Anyone else have yet to see an alliance group get there first? Or even at the same time for that matter?