How Blizzard can alleviate queue times

Seems like the day 2 queues are just as long as the day 1 queues.

There didn’t seem to be any appreciable database lag last night. A lot less got logged to the database in Vanilla than in Retail, so the database can probably handle a lot more characters.

Characters are already getting spread out between zones due to leveling. Since server stability seems to be limited by characters per zone rather than total characters, this suggests that the cap on total characters per server could be increased over the next few days, greatly alleviating the queue times.

In the longer run, if necessary, server upgrades might be in order.

If Blizzard doesn’t do this, the queue times will alleviate themselves by people’s quitting, which will hit Blizzard’s revenues.

Blizzard, are you listening? Do you care about making money?

They did it!

The Grobbulus queue seems like it’s going to be about half an hour versus four hours yesterday. Nice to see Blizzard will do the right thing, and very promptly, once they figure it out what it is.

If they were smart they would have kept the cross realm aspect in the game sure you want vanilla, but is it really that bright to make people wait in a que for 6-10 hrs at a time… when you don’t have too? at that point you can create a character on ANY server and play with your friends,remove que times because you could just post new servers with zero problems… because Blizzard screwed up and didn’t set a server limit you MAYBE get what 1-2 hrs of play time after midnight if you are lucky. or just throw out character transfers for free though that poses more harm then good then just linking the realms.

Also i was disconnected from a server i had already waited for HOURS IN… and yet you dont have the ability to put us back into the server because YOU were not prepared.